All About Ticks – All About Lyme Disease for Tick Season 2018

Experts warn of risk of infection during tick season – YouTube

Illnesses on the Rise from Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Bites, May 2018 …
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Chronic (Persistent) Lyme Disease

Written by Anna Giorgi
Medically Reviewed by George Krucik, MD
Causes of Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. You can become infected if a tick that carries the bacteria bites you. Typically, black-legged ticks and deer ticks spread this disease. These ticks collect the bacteria when they bite diseased mice or deer. Lyme disease also is called borreliosis or Bannwarth syndrome. …

Lyme Disease

Biological “Man made” Accident??
*see Hypocrites: Military Uses of Biological-Chemical Weapons around the World

Lyme Disease – a Biological WEAPON Invented By the U.S Military? The PLUM Island PROBLEM!

US military chiefs ordered to reveal if Pentagon used diseased insects as biological weapon The Independent Adam Forrest,The Independent 14 hours ago (7.16.19)
*see Now You Know: Dark History of Research on Civilians


How To Remove A Deer Tick and Prevent Lyme Disease! – YouTube

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips
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“..2. Avoid high grass and wooded areas where incidence of Lyme is high.

Areas of the United States that have a high incidence of Lyme disease include the Northeast, the Pacific Coast and the mid-Atlantic and North-Central states. Be especially careful during warm weather months when ticks are most active….”

Ticks and Lyme Disease Prevention Tips , from
Why One Man Volunteered To Have 8 Blood-Sucking Ticks Attached To His Knee By Katherine Harmon Courage April 14, 2014

Not concerned about Lyme disease? You might want to rethink that if you ever go outside.
“..For 8 years, she’s studied how the spirochetes behave in lab conditions. She wants to know how Borrelia, which has shown no signs of antibiotic resistance, might live on despite a weeks-long attack by drugs that are designed to eradicate it….”
..Other scientists are also trying to explain the constellation of long-term symptoms reported by Lyme patients. One notion is that antibiotics do vanquish Borrelia, but the infection causes the body’s immune system to go on hyperalert, triggering inflammation and possibly spurring the immune system to attack its own tissue, a condition known as autoimmunity…
In the meantime, catching more cases earlier would help. That lowers the risk of lasting symptoms after treatment and may simply be a matter of physicians and nurses asking the right questions. Gordon worked with orthopedists, physical therapists, an oncologist, an infectious disease expert, and others. …

Lyme Disease Prevention 30sec Promo
How to protect yourself from Lyme disease
May 5th 2015 1:37PM

Protecting yourself against Lyme disease and tick bites

“.. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, which means it’s time to be on the lookout for deer ticks, also known as blacklegged ticks. ..


Natural Strategies to Cure Lyme Disease
“If you are going to heal from Lyme all of these issues must be addressed.
Let’s start by talking about how to naturally boost immunity”

Immune Function Key for Killing Lyme

“…Everyone is hosting viruses, bad bacteria, funguses, and cancer cells in their body. What’s important is how strong your immunity is at keeping these invaders at bay.

It’s the exact same scenario with Lyme disease. If you can naturally boost your immune system, your body can overcome lyme and balance out your immune and inflammatory responses.

The top foods and supplements to naturally boost immunity include…..

…B-Complex vitamins support cellular function and help fight infections and improve neurological health. Vitamin B-6 is especially important for lyme patients.

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly anti-inflammatory and support cellular and neurological function. Consume wild caught fish as often as possible and supplement with 1,000mg of fish oil a day that contains astaxanthin.

Also, magnesium can support cellular function and turmeric can protect your cells and reduce inflammation which can be helpful in treating lyme disease….


The Top Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease-

By LEAH ZERBE May 5th 2015 1:37PM
Taking antibiotics alone isn’t a good idea when knocking out this elusive ailment.
“…Natural Ways to Deal with Lyme

Acupuncture: While researchers admit more research is warranted, acupuncture appears to be a promising way to help reduce or eliminate pain brought on by Lyme disease.

Lyme-killing plants: According to the report, herbs like samento, banderol, andrographis, Japanese knotweed/resveratrol, smilax, cat’s claw, and Stephania all target Lyme and related tick-borne infections. Be sure to talk to a doctor knowledgeable in integrative medicine for more info on taking these herbs.

Have tea time: Green tea compounds, along with curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric, are known to reduce oxidative stress and help aid in traditional antibiotic treatment.

Be tested for deficiencies: Zinc, B, and D vitamin deficiencies could slow down Lyme recovery, so be sure to ask your doctor to test for these, and improve your diet or supplement accordingly to bring your numbers up to healthy levels.

Probiotics: Probiotic foods may help replenish beneficial bacteria in the gut that are wiped out by antibiotic Lyme disease treatment. Organic yogurt, kefir, and even fermented vegetables are good sources of probiotics.

Home Remedies of Saurkraut

Exercise: Even small concentrations of oxygen can help destroy Lyme bacteria in the body. Although Lyme typically zaps people’s energy, intense exercise during and after treatment can help keep the disease at bay. ..

Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease
“Lyme Disease Natural Remedies:
1. Garlic
2. Onion
3. Chlorella
4. Olive Leaf Extract
5. Colloidal Silver”


Lyme Disease Cured Naturally
*my google search of this lady’s shake Shakeology
Shakeology® is the most delicious,
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Juice feasting can heal Lyme disease naturally

Monday, September 09, 2013 by: Allison Biggar
My Testimony: Healed from Lyme Disease
October 8, 2012 by beingonpurpose

Lyme disease healed
“Uploaded on Jan 5, 2011

A wonderful testimony.

This is the testimony of Liz Johnson of how she was healed of Lyme disease. She is interviewed by Thurman Scrivner who was privileged to pray the prayer of faith for her.”

Good News Medical

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