Physical Causes of Mental Illness
4/24/2013 11:58:00 AM By Jaime A. Heidel
“…Whatever the cause, many patients who see psychiatrists for treatment are given psychiatric drugs to suppress their symptoms without getting to the root cause of the problem.

There are 5 common causes of the symptoms of mental illness that should be looked into before psychiatric medication is prescribed.

1. Vitamin Deficiencies
2. Gluten Intolerance
3. Thyroid Disease
4. Chronic Candida Syndrome
5. Mercury Toxicity

Some mental health professionals seem too quick to prescribe a psychiatric medication at the first sign of depression, anxiety, OCD or psychosis. This quick-fix attempt may stop the symptoms but it won’t get to the root cause of the problem.

The best way to heal psychiatric problems is to clean up your diet, eliminate toxins from your home, decrease your stress, increase your exercise, and sleep well…”
*see How to deal with Anxiety-Stress in life?

Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth
“Published on Apr 25, 2013

Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth

Psychiatrist & author, Dr. Colin Ross, discusses the chemical imbalance theory and whether or not a chemical imbalance in the brain is the cause of mental disorders.

Visit Dr. Ross’ website at;”

The Epidemic of Mental Illness — Why?
September 13, 2011
…The Truth about the “Chemical Imbalance” Theory

” As a family physician I have treated many thousands of depressed patients. Depression was actually one of my primary concerns in the mid 80s when I first started practicing, however at that time my primary tool was using antidepressants. I put thousands of people on these drugs and acquired a fair level of experience in this area.

Thankfully I learned more and was able to stop using all these drugs. It was my experience that the chemical imbalance was merely a massive marketing gimmick to support the use of expensive and toxic antidepressants.

Most of you have probably heard that depression is due to a “chemical imbalance in your brain,” which these drugs are designed to correct. As mentioned previously, this is not a scientific statement.. So where did it come from?…”

“former Fergus Falls Treatment Center”
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…What Really Works for Depression and Other Mental Illness?

If antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs don’t work and might make you worse, then what are your options? …


Nutritional approaches and diets safely cure mental illness
Monday, April 22, 2013 by: Michelle Goldstein

(NaturalNews) Safe nutritional approaches have proven to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of mental illness. These approaches include the use of omega-3s, B vitamins, and amino acids, along with changing to a nutrient dense diet of traditional foods.

Natural Treatments for Mental Illness
“Published on Mar 18, 2013

Dr. Tara Peyman from Arizona Natural Health Center discusses alternative and natural treatments for mental illness.”


Healthy Diet: Eating with Mental Health in Mind,



ADD/ADHD TREATMENT – Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental …
“..Daily physical exercise.As my friend John Ratey has shown in his book, Spark! The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, physical exercise may be the single most powerful somatic treatment for ADD that we have.
Good sleep.Many people with ADD have sleep problems.See Delivered From Distraction for more on this.
Proper nutrition.Eat whole foods.Avoid too much sugar or additives.I also suggest a supplement of omega-3 fatty acids.See the chapter in Delivered from Distraction for more on this.
Mindfulness training, meditation, or prayer..”

*see Good and bad on “meditation”? & Prayer: Ways to do Spiritual Warfare?


Healing and Mental Illness
“Healing and the goal of Health is one of the reasons this website exists. However, the supernatural aspects of healing have had such a bad press that it is hard to talk about healing without extremes of opinion. This article examines healing from a holistic and Christian point of view – looking at all the main issues, but also giving practical help….
Mentally ill Man Healed By Jesus!
“With God Nothing is Impossible”; Healed of Mental Illness , from
Published on Aug 28, 2012

“From mental patient to church pastor; NOTHING is impossible with God. This woman has been completely delivered of Schizophrenia, an incurable affliction according to the doctors. She has been perfectly well and free of all medications for 25 years. ONLY BY FAITH IN THE GRACE AND POWER OF GOD!
What Does the Bible Say About Mental Illness? from


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Exercising Through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Madeline R. Vann, MPH
Medically Reviewed by Pat F. Bass, III, MD, MPH
“..Without muscle strength, even a few minutes on a treadmill can lead to significant joint pain, says Pocinki.

However, by taking it slowly and knowing their fitness limits, chronic fatigue patients can maintain strength and work exercise into their lives.

Building a Fitness Program When You Have Chronic Fatigue

Exercise is important, even if you have chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, the right kind of exercises can help you keep muscle strength and tone despite severe fatigue…”

*see Fitness: Various kinds of Stretches

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / ME) Recovery, Treatment Tips + …

How to exercise if you have chronic fatigue syndrome – YouTube

How to Start an Exercise Program with Chronic Fatigue? – YouTube
*see Fitness: Various “Home” & “Backyard” Exercises & Fitness: Various Cardio Workouts

*see Health & Fitness: Body, Mind, & Soul (Spirit) Exercises

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