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“Eaten up by mosquitoes after working on my backyard around sun set with a beater/tank top on a hot sunny evenigng”

Mosquito Bites: 10 Weird Reasons You’re Getting Bitten

By Lauren Gelman
Also in Reader’s Digest Magazine July 2013
Mosquitoes buzz: Whom they love to bite, where they like to hang out, and which repellents they hate the most.
“…We females need your blood, which contains a protein that helps our eggs develop. After we have a blood meal, we can lay anywhere from 100 to 400 eggs….
Love beer?

So do some of us. It’s crazy, but we can tell when you’ve been drinking because your skin chemistry changes, and it lures us in.
4 / 11

Smelly feet are simply delicious.
In fact, scientists have shown that we find your tootsies ten times more alluring than Limburger cheese (but really our favorite body part is your hand).
… 6 / 11

If your home’s landscaping is well tended, we won’t like it as much.

We like to hang out in thick, overgrown vegetation. The darker and more humid, the better. If you keep your lawn mowed, pool skimmed, and bushes trimmed, your backyard won’t be very appealing. Removing puddles of stagnant water is also a great way to repel us—that’s where we like to lay our eggs….
9 / 11

Pregnant? Yum.

If you’re a woman who’s expecting, you emit more carbon dioxide and your abdomen has a higher temperature than when you’re not pregnant, drawing some of us right to you. Sorry, baby.
Ask Healthy Living: Do Mosquitoes ‘Like’ Some People More Than Others?
The Huffington Post | By Meredith Melnick Posted: 06/04/2013 8:29 am EDT Updated: 06/05/2013 3:33 pm EDT
“..Here are a few signs you might be a prime target for the ‘skeets:

You’re Big
Bigger people produce more carbon dioxide and if there’s one thing that will lure a mosquito from a great distance, it’s a big cloud of CO2. This is why adults tend to get bitten more than children and why men are more likely to be a feeding site than their female companions.

You Just Exercised
Mosquitoes find lactic acid alluring and if you’ve just worked out, chances are you’ve got some building up in your muscles. What’s more, the exertion could cause heavier and quicker breathing, another way to build up some carbon dioxide around you.

You Have A Fast Metabolism
Mosquitoes enjoy a bit of cholesterol in their meals. People who metabolize cholesterol quickly — not those who have higher cholesterol blood levels — may attract mosquitoes because byproducts of that metabolization are present on the skin, reported WebMD.

You Smell — To Them
Acetone and estradiol released in your breath and many of the compounds and bacteria found on your skin contribute to your attractiveness. Scientists believe that some people may give off stronger scents than others, even though everyone produces these compounds. Reported NBC: ..

Why Do Bug Bites Itch?


What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Repel Them
August 23, 2014 | 912,529 views
“.. The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has a helpful factsheet12 of things you can do to prevent mosquito breeding on your property. Their “Three Ds” of protection are the following:

Drain—Mosquitoes require water in which to breed, so carefully drain any and all sources of standing water around your house and yard, including pet bowls, gutters, garbage and recycling bins, spare tires, bird baths, etc.
Dress—Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing—long sleeved shirts and long pants, hats, and socks
Defend—While the AMCA recommends using commercial repellents, I highly recommend avoiding most chemical repellents for the reasons already discussed; try some of the natural alternatives instead

Bat houses are becoming increasingly popular since bats are voracious consumers of insects, especially mosquitoes. For more on buying a bat house or constructing one yourself, visit the Organization for Bat Conservation.13 Planting marigolds around your yard also works as a bug repellent because the flowers give off a fragrance that bugs dislike. A simple house fan may also help keep mosquitoes at bay if you’re having a get-together in your backyard. Dragonflies are also very useful. I have literally thousands of them flying in my backyard. They are the two-inch variety and I haven’t had a problem with mosquitoes as they are nearly as effective as bats at reducing the mosquitoes.

Plants Hold the Key to Repelling Mosquitoes Safely

Fortunately, there are highly effective mosquito repellents on the market comprising natural botanical oils and extracts that are every bit as effective as DEET, but with none of the potentially harmful effects. You can also make your own repellent using:..

Tips for preventing mosquito bites
‘Published on Jun 1, 2015

Hot and humid are the perfect recipe for mosquitoes. Here are some tips for preventing mosquito bites and the diseases they bring.”

Top tips on dealing with mosquitoes to avoid getting bitten
“Published on May 7, 2015

Top tips on dealing with mosquitoes to avoid getting bitten …
Video for Top tips on dealing with mosquitoes to avoid getting bitten▶…/Top-tips-dealing­-mosquitoes-……


10 Home Cures for Mosquito Bite Itch
By Sharon Tanenbaum
“… Hit the kitchen, and hold a refrigerated, dampened green tea bag on the bite, recommends skin and beauty expert Jessica Wu, MD. The cold helps soothe the itch and compounds in the tea help with inflammation.” Another option: Take a soak in a soothing oatmeal bath….”
A Dab of Honey

“[I use] honey because it has an antiseptic ingredient.” — Atm Shahidul Hoque

Dr. Wu says: “Honey has an antibacterial ingredient, so theoretically it could help prevent a bite from getting infected. But the sweetness could attract more bites!”
Sticky Solution

“[I use] Scotch tape.” — Tammy Mah Ung

Dr. Wu says: “Putting Scotch tape (or a bandage) on the bite will help remind you not to scratch, especially at night. If you scratch too hard, you could break the skin and introduce an infection.”
Ever-Popular Aloe Vera

“Aloe vera will draw the sting out.” — Tonya Jenkins

Dr. Wu says: “Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, so this could help the itch. For even more relief, stash your aloe vera gel in the fridge, since the cold will also help with the itchiness.”…”

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Sal: I usually have a bottle of Aloe Vera in my fridge during the summer months and put some after putting “Rubbing Alcohol” on the “fresh” mosquito bites. In fact, I just put some Aloe Vera on my “bites” to sooth the skin and keep it “moisten” after the “rubbing alcohol” made it “dry” the other night.

“..Alcohol, Witch Hazel, and Hand Sanitizer — Oh My!

“Rubbing alcohol takes the itch away and the bite, too.” — Lori Carley

“[I use] rubbing alcohol (and also witch hazel and tea tree oil). If it burns, I just tell my boys that the alcohol is killing the ‘bug poison!’” — Kit Bowden Powers

“Hand sanitizers work pretty well, and you don’t need a lot.” — Robin Kirk Heizyk

Dr. Wu says: “Rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, and tea tree oil have antiseptic properties, so they could help prevent bites from getting infected. And their stinging sensation helps distract you from the itch. Hand sanitizers with alcohol will act in the same way.”..”

A Swish of Listerine

“I use regular Listerine for itchy bug bites.” — Brenda Black

Dr. Wu says: “It has menthol, which cools the skin to help relieve itch.”

Any other treatment tips you use for your skin?

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