*see Medical: Human Anatomy Overall

Basic Parts of the Brain – Part 1 – 3D Anatomy Tutorial – YouTube

*see Medical: What are some important parts of the Nervous System?

The Meninges – Dura – Arachnoid – Pia – TeachMeAnatomy

“..The meninges refer to the membranous coverings of the brain and spinal cord. There are three layers of meninges, known as the dura mater, arachnoid mater and pia mater.
By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2017)
Fig 1.0 – Overview of the meninges, and their relationship to the skull and brain.

Fig 1.0 – Overview of the meninges, and their relationship to the skull and brain.

These coverings have two major functions:

Provide a supportive framework for the cerebral and cranial vasculature.

Acting with cerebrospinal fluid to protect the CNS from mechanical damage.

The meninges are often involved cerebral pathology, as a common site of infection (meningitis), and intracranial bleeds.

In this article, we shall look at the anatomy of the three layers, and their clinical correlations…”

Skull Brain Meninges – Brain Anatomy – YouTube


Brain Concussion Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment
“..A soft organ, Brain is protected by the bones and hard skull and surrounded completely by spinal fluid. Generally, this fluid present near to brain appears as a cushion that assists the brain from hitting skull. However, if a person suffers from any injury or accident, it may hurt his body hard resulting brain crashing into skull and injury occur.

A lot of ways are present which can result in brain concussion. Moreover, few common ways consist of fights, play area injuries, falls, sudden car crashes as well as bike accidents. Also, Brain Concussions can occur while contributing in any activity or sport for example hockey, football, boxing, soccer, snowboarding or skiing….”

Home » Health & Safety Channel » Youth Sports Concussion Safety Center » Concussion Definition, Causes and Myths
Concussion Definition, Causes and Myths
“Published on Aug 19, 2014

@DrTomRoselle @RoselleCare #AgelessHealth

Dr. Tom Roselle and Dr. Scott Lamp discuss concussions. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works.”


Sports Concussion Statistics

“The below numbers indicate the amount of sports concussions taking place per 100,000 athletic exposures. An athletic exposure is defined as one athlete participating in one organized high school athletic practice or competition, regardless of the amount of time played.

Football: 64 -76.8
Boys’ ice hockey: 54
Girl’s soccer: 33
Boys’ lacrosse: 40 – 46.6
Girls’ lacrosse: 31 – 35
Boys’ soccer: 19 – 19.2…”


Injury Prevention & Control: Traumatic Brain Injury,
“What are the leading causes of TBI?

From 2006–2010, falls were the leading cause of TBI, accounting for 40% of all TBIs in the United States that resulted in an ED visit, hospitalization, or death. Falls disproportionately affect the youngest and oldest age groups:
More than half (55%) of TBIs among children 0 to 14 years were caused by falls.
More than two-thirds (81%) of TBIs in adults aged 65 and older are caused by falls.


Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries
“Characterized as the “silent epidemic,” traumatic brain injuries contribute to a substantial number of deaths and cases of permanent disability. Programs and policies to reduce traumatic brain injury (TBI) rates also help reduce injury rates overall…”


Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture.


Medical Injuries
*see Medical: How to apply First Aid?

First aid – Head Injuries – YouTube

How to Recognize & Treat a Concussion | First Aid Training – YouTube

How To Treat Concussion
“…Ways To Treat Concussion
Cold Compress

Fill an ice bag with some ice cubes and apply it to the head. Keep rotating the bag on the head if there is no bump on the head and you do not know where the exact location of the injury is.
“Published on Feb 10, 2013

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Nutritional Diet For Concussion Recovery
email jimmy
Video reveals the best diet to recover from concussions:
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What supplements does Jimmy take?…
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The Best Supplements for Concussion Recovery Posted on June 14, 2014 by Alex Swanson
“What are the best supplements for concussions? The approach on what supplements to take for concussions is similar to a post-workout plan with different compounds for brain injury. Inflammation control, blood vessel and tissue repair is in order. Don’t wait until you have a concussion to start implementing ways to protect your brain from injury. It is always easier to prevent damage than it is to repair it.

1. Fish Oil supplements





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8. LION’S MANE Lion’s Mane is a mushroom..




Healed from Head Concussion? March 4, 2012 Goodnewseverybodycom’s Weblog
*my (Sal) personal story

Brain Injury Healed By Jesus | Best Documented Healing …

Traumatic Brain Injury Healed , from
“Published on Jul 4, 2012

Amazing Miracle of this dear lady who walks up for prayer,and instantly God’s power and grace heals her, she suffered a Brain Injury as a child, She says she had been in severe pain for 3 months, with blurred vision. visit”

“Heavenly Father, we lift those who are “battling” traumatic brain injuries/concussions. We ask/pray that their dependence and trust in You will grow during this “challenging season” in their life right now. We believe you are the Jehovah Rapha (“Healer”) and we ask for your loving “mighty” healing touch on the part of their brain/head that needs healing…in Jesus’ name..(and all God’s people say?)..AMEN!”

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