Causes of HIV/Aids from

“…HIV can be transferred from one person to another (transmitted) through:

•    Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with an infected person.
•    A mother’s infection passing to her child during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding (called vertical transmission) – the risk of HIV passing from mother to child is approximately 30% if no preventative measure is used.
•    Injection with contaminated needles, which may occur when intravenous drug users share needles, or when health care workers are involved in needleprick accidents.
•    Use of contaminated surgical instruments, for example during traditional circumcision.
•    Blood transfusion with infected blood.
•    Contact of a mucous-membrane surface with infected blood or body fluid, for example with a splash in the eye (Note that the virus cannot penetrate undamaged skin.)

If a person is exposed to HIV in one of the above ways, infection is not inevitable…”



HIV Prevention

The Basics of HIV Prevention
“…How can I reduce my risk of getting HIV?

Anybody can get HIV, but you can take steps to protect yourself from HIV infection.

•Get tested and know your partner’s HIV status. Talk to your partner about HIV testing and get tested before you have sex.
•Have less risky sex. Oral sex is much less risky than anal or vaginal sex. Anal sex is the most risky type of sex for the spread of HIV.
•Use condoms. Use a condom every time you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Read this fact sheet on how to use condoms correctly.
•Limit your number of sexual partners. If you have more than one sexual partner, get tested for HIV regularly. Get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and insist that your partners do, too. Having an STI can increase your risk of becoming infected with HIV.
•Talk to your health care provider about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is an HIV prevention method that involves taking an HIV medicine every day. PrEP is intended for people who don’t have HIV but who are at high risk of sexually transmitted HIV infection. PrEP should always be combined with other prevention methods, including condom use.
•Don’t inject drugs. But if you do, use only sterile drug injection equipment and water and never share your equipment with others.

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The AIDS myth exposed: Why experts are challenging conventional AIDS mythology Thursday, October 29, 2009 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of

“..Another report also noted low serum zinc levels in those with AIDS but not other stages of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. A child with AIDS was found to have all the signs and symptoms of a zinc-deficiency disorder. It is still unclear why these AIDS patients have low serum zinc levels. What is clear is that this aspect of the AIDS problem should be vigorously pursued…


27 Historical Photos You Won’t Find In Your History Books
“During the early 1990s AIDS epidemic, this father comforts his son who is on his deathbed. Widely considered the photo that changed the face of AIDS, the photo was published in LIFE magazine’s November 1990 edition…”


Micronutrient Supplements Reduce Risk of HIV Disease Progression and Illness December 09, 2013

“..Similarly, the new study found that HIV-positive people who took multivitamins (B vitamins and vitamins C and E) and selenium fared much better than those who did not. …

5 More Immune-Boosting Natural Tips…

1. Focus on eating more immune-boosting foods, including mushrooms, leafy greens, fermented foods, whey protein, and coconut oil


Healed from AIDS

This is a testimony of the restoration of an entire family including AIDS and asthma.

“… So, in desperation I entered the search words “Faith” and “Healing” and the first article I clicked open was “Faith and Healing” by Tim Greenwood!

We both read this powerful article – a testimony of Tim’s healing from his death sentence of terminal heart disease. PLUS, in it – Tim taught ‘step-by-step’ how he, by believing and applying what the Bible said about healing, received complete healing. Now, we desperately wanted to believe that what Tim taught – would work for us. So, during a particularly bad asthma attack one night – we put the teaching to work for our son.

Immediately all asthma symptoms left our son – and did not return! Our son was healed! Our faith soared! For the first time we now believed that nothing was going to hold us back! We wrote for Tim’s free book “Walking In Faith,” sent in a prayer request and began devouring every article on the Tim Greenwood Ministries (TGM) website ( Plus, Tim’s wife began corresponding with us via email, teaching and encouraging us!

My wife’s condition was rather desperate especially with the baby coming. We did not have time to mull this over any longer. We had to believe and act and act now! I went in for HIV testing believing and confessing that the test results would be negative. With the devil screaming in my ear that the test would be positive – as an act of faith, I bought a card for my doctor and wrote in it “Thank you for your help and assistance. I have collected my results and they are negative,” and I sealed the envelope.

When I got the results at the lab counter I wanted to hug the elderly lady. NEGATIVE! Thank you God! I was healed!

Healing from HIV Aids – Hindi Christian Testimony

“Uploaded on Feb 5, 2011

Healing from HIV Aids – Hindi Christian Testimony. For more miracle testimonies and online prayer, please contact

hiv, AIDS, I am healed for 20 years

“…Roy considered himself bisexual. We would often go out dancing to alternative clubs. I had a history of sexual abuse, abandonment and rejection. Like many children, I sexually experimented with other girls as a young girl, but my desire to be with females grew stronger. I was sexually attracted to men but also found I was becoming more emotionally and sexually drawn to women. Perhaps it was my emotional closeness I had for Roy that made me consider having sex with him that day. I would never have done that in any other circumstance. I was also going through great inner conflict at the time. Whatever the reasons, we decided to have sex that weekend. I did it mostly out of “Love”.

As I lay there about to let him penetrate, an inner voice said, “Don’t sleep with him! He is diseased.” I thought silently, debating with this voice, “What disease could he have? If it’s gonorrhea or something, there is a cure.” “No, its not that!” The Holy Spirit was very firm in warning me in my ignorance. Still, in my stubbornness and foolishness, I argued, “I loved him and Love conquered all. And you love me. Its too late for me to tell him No. If I get it, you will heal me!” …

That summer, I moved to Key West, FL. I saw my first case of someone who had AIDS, although I had never heard of it. A girl I was briefly dating, Tanya, a bisexual woman, introduced me to him because she often took him food. He was in his final stages and weighed under 100lbs. II pondered if this was the disease the Holy Spirit had tried to warn me about. I was not worried. ….
My mother was a woman of faith and my strong support and friend. She always told me that I could not please God if I did not trust Him. She would often say, “Without faith it is impossible to please God and Whatever is not done in faith is sin.” She got those words from the red letters in the Bible. That was what Jesus said. I grabbed onto those words and would hold them in my heart. I finally called them before I started the summer term. I had to beg them to let me test since I was a woman and the study was for men. I was persistent and after three attempts, they let me come in under a number. Because of the shame, I kept it a secret from everyone else. When I got the results back, they were positive for HIV. I was told that my T-cell count and my TR4 count was extremely low and just above 200. I think they said 280. I was told AIDS was considered when it was below 200. They said it could be a false positive so they would need to run another test to be sure. It too was positive. That was June 6, 1985…

I needed deliverance, desperately. But only God’s love attracted me and because I had a past, most would not be able to understand me. I was extremely guarded and had to trust God to direct me to the right people at the right church. Until he did, I went back to what I knew for awhile until it became more painful than being alone and seeking new friends who were wiser. I was again fighting supernatural heavenly battles with my own natural strength. Besides, renewing the mind takes time and I needed to be patient and love myself. This was not easy. Just three months after my miracle of being healed, I attempted suicide because my pain at being gay and heartbroken was so real. Again, God miraculously prompted my little sister to leave her school in the middle of her classes and walk home. She found me unconscious in my bed and the empty pill bottle next to me and called 911 and my mother. The doctors said I was a miracle but I didn’t feel like it. I felt like an utter failure who had wasted her life and couldn’t even end it right or stop being gay. Things did begin to turn around because I began to pray and ask God for strength instead of going it all alone until I got in a tight spot. I sought help daily, hourly, moment by moment until my heart breathed new life and my mind marched to new orders. Two years later, 1987, I surrendered completely and began to attend church, got baptized by water and fire of Holy Spirit. That was what I had needed all along…

Got any other tips, comments, suggestions, stories, etc..?

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