And Crooked Shall Made Straight, from
“..The crooked shall be made straight by Griesse, Rosalie and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at … Will no longer have its dust jacket if applicable and accessories may no longer be included. Bookseller Inventory # … Rosalie faces scoliosis grimly at first. But the …..”

*referred by a “friend” I met on Saturday, December 12th 2015

Brittney’s Story – MOST INSPIRATIONAL STORY EVER – Overcoming Scoliosis – CrossFit Youngstown

“Published on Aug 6, 2013

This is a MUST WATCH video! You will be amazed, inspired, and motivated!

Brittney from CrossFit Youngstown shares her story of her life and her obstacles.

After watching this you will have no excuses.

Brittney truly embraces the core values of CrossFit Youngstown.

No one can say that this girl has not worked hard for her health!

Brittney has come a long way and this video explains everything.

Walk with Brittney through her struggles and obstacles.

Learn about Brittney’s scoliosis and how she has overcome the impossible.

Brittney is truly a gift from God, a miracle!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Brittney.

This took a lot of courage to share with others and it will not go unnoticed.

This story will inspire others at CrossFit Youngstown and other CrossFit gyms around the world for years (decades!) to come!

Thank you Brittney, we love you!”


“…Scoliosis does not result from carrying heavy items, sports, poor posture, or minor leg length abnormalities. In fact, in more than 80 percent of scoliosis cases, a specific cause is not known. Such cases are termed idiopathic (meaning of undetermined cause), and they are most commonly found in adolescent girls…
Scoliosis: What You Need to Know
“… the most common form of scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis, which occurs in approximately 2% the population. The term idiopathic means a condition or disease with no known cause…
Scoliosis Causes
“…In most cases, the cause of scoliosis is unknown (what doctors call idiopathic). The other of cases fall into two groups:

Nonstructural (functional): This type of scoliosis is a temporary condition when the spine is otherwise normal. The curvature occurs as the result of another problem. Examples include one leg being shorter than another, from muscle spasms due to injury, or from abdominal problems such as appendicitis.
Structural: In this type of scoliosis, the spine is not normal. The curvature is caused by another disease process such as a birth defect, muscular dystrophy, metabolic diseases, and connective tissue disorders such as Marfan’s syndrome. Continue Reading


6 Best Home Remedies For Scoliosis By – Chirantana
“…One way to tackle this problem is to keep two sets of school textbooks (often provided by the school itself). One should avoid habits like sleeping on stomach which causes abnormal scoliosis curve along with pain in mid and lower back. Trampolines may also lead to postural collapse. Wearing high heels results in progressive scoliosis through lumbar lordosis.One should perform simple exercises like stretching on a regular basis to alleviate scoliosis symptoms. One can also take the help of physical manipulation techniques in consultation with physical therapists regarding which posture-correcting techniques and exercises to accommodate in the treatment of scoliosis.


Scoliosis symptoms can also be alleviated with the help of nutritional supplements. Essential minerals like magnesium and calcium relax the back muscles and hence release the chronic contraction in those muscles. In addition, one should take selenium supplements (recommended dosage is 200mg a day) along with meals.Selenium (L-selenomethionine, to be precise) decreases osteopontin levels – the cytokine that triggers scoliosis. High levels of osteopontin result in bone remodeling and can lead to severe cases of scoliosis.
Prevent Bacterial Growth

It is established by now that bacterial infection results in increased levels of osteopontin in the body. So get rid of all things at home – such as fish tank – that can be an ideal home for bacterial growth. You should also clean your shower heads frequently to inhibit growth of mycobacterium that may result in chronic bacterial infection and scoliosis…”

Treating Scoliosis Without Surgery
September 02, 2006
“…If you suffer from scoliosis, before you consent to any surgery, I urge you to carefully review the articles section of the Clear Institute site that provides not only PDF articles that quickly explain the process, but a free 177-page book and a detailed 200-page slide show, and then consult a trusted health professional.

I’m optimistic this far gentler approach to treating scoliosis is a step in the right direction. I am a strong believer in original chiropractic philosophy that places a strong emphasis on the body’s intrinsic (innate) healing wisdom and far less reliance on band-aids like drugs and surgery.

Your body has a natural healing ability, and this healing ability can be compromised if there is nerve impingement obstructing the flow of nerve impulses.

Clearing away the problems that prevent your body from healing itself is almost always both safer and more powerful than the so-called “heroic interventions” that Western medicine is based on — drugs and surgery that treat the symptoms, without ever addressing the problems that caused the symptoms in the first place…”

How to treat scoliosis without surgery

“Uploaded on Jun 29, 2011
Scoliosis is a lateral curve of the spine, most often as a sort of ‘S’ shape or reverse ‘S’, though it can be a single big curve or even a double curve with both to the same side, like a ‘B’.
It can be accompanied by pain or be pain free and there seems to be no relationship between the amount of curve and the amount of pain. A scoliosis with a small curve can be excruciating while a huge curve can be pain free – I have seen both in my clients.
The cause of scoliosis is unknown, in fact the medical term often used is ‘idiopathic scoliosis’ and idiopathic simply means that the cause is unknown. Even if it runs in a family, which can happen, the root cause is still unknown. I prefer to think of it as a compensation within the body, reacting to some other primary stress or strain or imbalance. That also implies that, by removing the root cause, it can be helped.
The medical approach is often to give a brace during adolescence and then surgery if that does not work well enough. Surgery can be great and I am grateful that there are people with that skill. But it should be treated as the last resource since there is no retreat if it does not work. Also it results in a lack of mobility within the spinal column which weakens it.
Since the cause of scoliosis is unknown, a holistic approach is, for me, the first treatment of choice. Then, even if a decision is taken to do surgery later on, it will be made with greater knowledge and awareness and on a straighter spine. It seems to me fairly obvious that if someone’s spine is curved then, whatever the cause, there will be other effects in the body including tight muscle as it works to maintain balance within gravity and ease of pain free movement.
The same will be true for excess kyphosis and lordosis. The difference here is that we all need a gentle kyphosis and lordosis in our spine, it is one thing that gives the natural flexibility and shock-absorbing properties. If our spine were dead straight then if you fell heavily on your feet there would be a tremendous shock wave right up your spine with serious affect.
In this video I don’t show the techniques as it would lengthen it beyond boredom but you can look at the first two videos in this series to understand why I think this approach is important and to see some of the ways we do this. What I do is to give you some ideas of how to approach the whole problem with those techniques, and even if you have your own favourite ways of releasing muscle, you can still use them within the framework shown.
I am developing a video course where you can learn the techniques discussed here whether you want them in the home or as a professional therapist. Look at my website for more details and contact me to register your interest.”

6 Herbal Remedies For Scoliosis
“…However, there are some herbs which can help you to retard the progress of the disease and help in decreasing the curvature in combination with physical therapy and other treatments. Let us explore some herbal remedies for scoliosis…


This herb is also helpful in increasing bone mass. More especially it increases the production of collagen, the elastic fiber like structure that binds bone, cartilages, skin et al. This lends an elastic property to the bone mass. An increase in elasticity of bone mass reduces the brittleness of bone..”


Scoliosis in Adults — New, All Natural Treatments for Pain Relief

“Published on Jun 25, 2012

To find out more about Scoliosis in Adults go to http://scoliosistreatmentalternatives… or call for a Free Phone Consult at (800) 943-1254 to find out if our scoliosis treatments are right for you!..”


Standing Straight and Tall
By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club

After four years in the Army, Carla was given an honorable discharge. Soon afterward, she fell in love and married her friend from college, Alonzo. But running for miles and carrying 60-pound rucksacks had taken their toll on her health. At times Carla was completely unable to move.

“The one thing that really hurt me a lot was that no matter how much I said ‘It’s going to be OK, and I love you, what can I do for you,’ no words could comfort the pain that she was going through,” Alonzo explains. “The only thing I could do was just take her hand and pray.”

Carla’s doctors told her that the only way to alleviate her condition would be to undergo very risky surgery. Instead, she got a second opinion from Dr. Art McCaulisse. After a series of X-rays, he had another perspective.

“Carla was considering surgery to put in what are called Harrington rods, which are to anchor the spine,” says Dr. McCaulisse. “I thought that I could handle this in a more conservative manner without being so invasive.”

Carla continued to believe God for her healing. One day she tuned into The 700 Club. As Carla had always done, she began praying with the hosts for the needs of others.

“Soon enough I heard, ‘There is someone living with scoliosis.’

That day when Carla tuned in, Gordon Robertson had a word of knowledge.

“There’s someone with scoliosis of the spine,” Gordon said, “and it’s causing tremendous pain. God is just doing a tremendous miracle as He begins to straighten out those vertebrae right now in Jesus’ name. Receive healing.”

“I just claimed it,” Carla recalls. “I ran around the house. I went into the mirror and I tried to look at my back, and I could actually see the redness.”

Carla went back to her doctor to re-affirm the fact that God actually healed her from lifelong scoliosis.

“After measuring it all out, it had decreased by nine degrees, which is very significant,” Dr. McCaulisse states. “That intervention is nothing short of a miracle.”

Carla and Alonzo’s faith in God has increased. They now know that nothing is impossible if they put their trust in God and wait on His perfect timing.

“By faith He was there for Abraham, Moses, and everybody else,” says Alonzo. “He’s here for us. He truly blessed us. By our faith we believed that she would be healed, and she was healed.”

“He just changed my life, and I can’t thank Him enough,” says Carla. “Every day knowing you’re a walking miracle, you kind of walk like, WOW!””

Scoliosis healed

“Published on Mar 11, 2012

Healing that took place during a Healing on the Streets seminar in Coleraine for the World Race team who were visiting us.

Danielle, who was at the receiving end of prayer, wrote about her experience –

“The news was devastating to my twelve year old body. This news would change my future career forever. My life at the time revolved around gymnastics; the sport that turned my dreams into reality. The doctor had x-rayed my back and diagnosed me with scoliosis, which is a lateral curvature of the spine. As a result, one of my legs was longer than the other and the doctors said that if I were to keep spinning and flipping, my back would only worsen, and suggested I not do so. Although their suggestions usually didn’t hinder me from doing what I wanted, I would occasionally have back aches. Now fast forward ten years…
Last Saturday we met a man named Mark Marx who is teaching us to pray for the sick and disabled as Jesus prayed for them. He called me out to the middle of the floor and had my team circle around me. They prayed that my left leg would lengthen and be the same size as my right leg. As they prayed, I felt an extension in my knee! I watched as my left leg grew. I know some of you won’t believe this, but I can only tell you what I felt and what I saw with my own eyes. And Praise the Lord almighty, for His love endures forever! My team then placed their hands on my back, praying that my back would align and the scoliosis would be gone. As sure as the reality of my fingers touching the keyboard, I felt my spine being moved! My spine has been curved to the right, and I felt it being pulled towards the left. Straightening! It was obeying its Creator! There was not a doubt in my mind as to what had occurred. Jesus made my back straight!!!! I give all the praise and glory to God! He is so good! As Amy Grant would say “I can’t explain it any other way, but God, truly God, truly God.” There is a physical Therapist assistant and another nurse on our team who also verified that the alignment was straight. I wish I could show you the huge smile on my face as I type this! God is so good and His love endures forever! I was covered by His love tonight!” – Danielle Contarino”

Healed from Scoliosis / Spinal Problems

Viola – Berlin, Germany,
“…For over 11 years I suffered from a severe condition called scoliosis, or curved spine. This caused my right shoulder-blade to protrude more than the left, and sometimes caused paralysis, which could one day have lead to me being confined to a wheelchair.

I was converted to Christianity almost 11 years ago, and since then have experienced healings and creative miracles again and again in my own body, such as the growing of my leg and arm to their proper size during prayer. However, the scolioses was still visible. Therefore one evening I asked an elder of the church if he would anoint me with oil, like they did in the New Testament to heal the sick.

I leaned forward and the elder looked at my spine and touched it from the bottom to the top. Afterwards he said that he had been shocked to see the spine so crooked (at one place it was displaced 4 cm to the right). Full of expectation I prayed to the LORD, waiting to be anointed with the oil. Again I leaned forward and again the elder touched my back and examined it. This time he noticed that my spine was already much straighter than before. We were joined by more of the brethren, and one of them confirmed with astonishment that my spine was straight and the curve had disappeared! After this, the elder said that I should speak again to the Lord, which I did. Then we all prayed and thanked the Lord that he healed me even before we could pray for my back – the only thing we did was to touch it!

Praise the Lord. I know, that I’m healed through HIS power. There are great things to occur, if we only expect them.

In Jesus’ Love”

*see Fitness: How to reverse common Abnormal Postures?

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