Rectal Cancer Causes and Risk Factors
“…Rectal cancer usually develops over several years, first growing as a precancerous growth called a polyp. Some polyps have the ability to turn into cancer and begin to grow and penetrate the wall of the rectum. The actual cause of rectal cancer is unclear. However, the following are risk factors for developing rectal cancer:..

Rectal Cancer
Causes & Risk Factors
“…The exact causes of rectal cancer are not known. However, studies show that the following risk factors of rectal cancer increase a person’s chances of developing this disease:..

What is anal cancer? What causes anal cancer?
“.. Anal cancer is more common among women, men who receive anal intercourse, and people with weakened immune systems. Experts say that anal cancer is closely associated with some HPV (human papilloma virus) strains. ..


Colorectal Cancer – The World’s Healthiest Foods
“…People treated for locally advanced colon cancer with surgery and chemotherapy can greatly improve their odds of survival by choosing a healthy way of eating high in fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry — and avoiding the food choices characteristic of the Western diet, i.e., high intakes of meat, fat, refined grains and dessert. ..
Colorectal cancer prevention, from
“… “If you basically do what you’re supposed to do to prevent coronary artery disease or to prevent a heart attack, then you’re doing exactly what you should to prevent colon cancer,” says Alfred Neugut, MD, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center, in New York City.

Here are 12 tips for heading off colon cancer…

Avoid red meat

There’s something about eating red meat—a lot of it—that seems to harm the intestines….

How to Treat/Prevent Colon Cancer – Symptoms & Natural Remedies for Colon Cancer

“…Colorectal cancer is a “food-related” cancer. (1) Everything you eat passes over the lining of your digestive tract. The lining of the large intestine and the rectum at the lower end of the digestive tube contains waste, digestive fluids, bile acids and fiber. That lining is bathed by chemicals in food, your own hormones and secretions, healthy and unhealthy bacteria. The contents of your intestines has a direct impact on the health of the tissue is touches as it passes through. Colorectal cancer is directly impacted by your diet…”


4 Tips on Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment — With Some Healthy Nutritional Recommendations.wmv, from Colon cancer, one of the mainly common types of cancer, is the development of malignant cells in the colon or rectum. Tumors in the colon are slow growing, but could eventually become huge enough to obstruct the digestive tract. The cancer could spread to the liver, lymph nodes, or other areas of the body, and symptoms may possibly not appear until the cancer is quite developed.”

Natural Treatment for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

“Natural Treatments for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease are more prevalent and better understood than ever before. We now know that the key to being able to keep the inflammatory condition in remission naturally, is to identify the drivers, or causes of the autoimmune process causing the condition, and work with people to unwind, or best reverse the process and damage. Understanding the drivers, or causes of autoimmune conditions is the biggest challenge that people with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases have today. Unfortunately most medical doctors are not trained in Functional Medicine, which is one of a few branches of healthcare that trains doctors in understanding the causes and natural treatments for inflammatory bowel conditions. Dr. Brad Shook explains the Functional Medicine approach to naturally supporting Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and IBS.”


8 Steps for Fighting Colon Cancer Naturally from
“..Here are 8 proven steps you can take right now to promote a healthy anti-cancer intestinal environment and fight colorectal cancer (bowel cancer) naturally:

Colorectal cancer is a “food-related” cancer. Everything you eat passes over the lining of your digestive tract. The lining of the large intestine and the rectum at the lower end of the digestive tube contains waste, digestive fluids, bile acids and fiber.

That lining is bathed by chemicals in food, your own hormones and secretions, healthy and unhealthy bacteria. The contents of your intestines has a d…

3. Eat A Rainbow of Plant Antioxidants. The deep, bright colors of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices contribute a wide variety of antioxidants to the diet.

Salad with various fixings (Strawberry, turkey slices, boiled egg parts, olives, etc..) at my workplace on May 2013more...

4. Use Olive Oil. Olive oil contains plant chemicals that have anti-cancer properties. Olive oil reduces bile acid and increases enzymes that regulate cell turn over in the lining of the intestines promoting healthy tissue. Antioxidant compounds (phenolics) present in olive oil also exert a cancer protective antioxidant effect (8)…

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7. Include Omega 3 Oils. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 oils (EPA and DHA) decreases incidence of colon cancer….

Blue Ice Royal....The pinnacle product!May 14, 2009 Dave Wetzel Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil brings us back in time, when cod liver oil was truly a sacred food. The Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil is lacto-fermented and extracted without heat. The fish are wild caught in the Arctic region. improves absorption. The definition of fermentation is "breaking down into simpler components". Fermentation makes the foods easier to digest and the nutrients easier to assimilate. In effect, much of the work of digestion is done for you. Since it doesn't use heat, fermentation also retains enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients that are usually destroyed by food processing.How I Remineralized my Tooth Cavities Without Dentistry Changes I MadeI take 2 capsules of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend 3 TIMES A DAY. Garden of Life makes a great quality Cod Liver Oil as well.I drink 2-3 cups of raw, grass-fed whole-fat milk per day minimuDr OZ features ADVOCARE OmegaPlex Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement*met online on Jan 20th 2015Medical-Lyme Disease



A Prayer of Healing for Persons Diagnosed with Cancer

Healed of Colon Cancer after Prayer – Hungry Generation
“…Nadezhda Shimanskiy, age 54, from Western Washington, USA was diagnosed with cancer of the intestine, a horrible sickness that affected her everyday life. She wrote to the SCOAN USA office stating that this particular cancer was very complicated, resulting in many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the severe decrease in her health, she developed even more health issues with her immune system and blood…”

Stage 4 bowel cancer pain & symptoms leave after prayer – John Mellor Ministries
, from
“…The first service Cam spent half the service in the toilet being sick and couldn’t make it upstairs. The second service we sat in the front row. Cam was told by the Dr’s he had 6 months to live with cancer in the bowel which had spread. John prayed for him (he had the awesome fast walk) and we believed that Jesus healed him and I am so happy to say that last Monday he went in to get his blood test and Pet scan results and the exact words of the Dr was “We can’t find anything”. Glory be to God! I go to Gateway Baptist Church and was asked to get up with my family on Vision Sunday and share how we have been growing in love with God. Man, did I have a story to tell them about Cam. They loved it and cheered and clapped our God…
God’s Way to Ultimate Health
“…Just prior to all this, I had watched my mother die of colon cancer. Mom was a registered nurse, and she believed her doctors when they told her that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were her only hope of surviving. Mom submitted to these treatments and died a horrible death! At the time of her death, I felt it was the treatments she received at the hands of the medical doctors that ultimately caused her death rather than the cancer itself…”

You have a story? Have any other suggestions, comments, feedback, tips, etc..? Feel free to share below as “we” all can help each other “fight” this cancer. Thanks!

Good News Cancer


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