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10 Causes of Insomnia rmhealthy.com
“…Almost no body system remains unaffected. In a person who is sleep deprived, a broad spectrum of illnesses can result ranging from irritability, memory loss and depression to heart disease, car accidents, and death. Primary Insomnia is not related to any other condition while Secondary Insomnia is a consequence of a different but related condition.

Causes of insomnia, which are wide-ranging and often difficult to identify with certainty, can be caused by or comorbid (co-occurring) with the following:…

1. Anxiety and Stress..”

What Causes Insomnia?

“Published on Jul 1, 2013

Dr. David Neubauer speaks to the National Sleep Foundation about the causes of insomnia. For more information, visit sleepfoundation.org/insomnia “

Insomnia Causes

Written by the Healthline Editorial Team
Medically Reviewed by George T. Krucik, MD, MBA on September 16, 2014 healthline.com
“Insomnia Causes and Risk Factors

Insomnia can have a significant impact on everyday life. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it can affect your overall health. Relationships and work productivity can also suffer. If you have insomnia, your doctor can help you find out what kind you have. Primary insomnia is its own disorder. It isn’t a symptom of another condition. Insomnia can either last only a few days or weeks (acute) or be long-term (chronic).

If your insomnia stems from an underlying condition, it’s called secondary insomnia. It’s the most common type of sleeplessness. It can be either acute or chronic. Some common factors that can cause secondary insomnia include the following…”

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10 Tips to Avoid Insomnia and Get a Good Night’s Sleep medicinenet.com
“…2. Use the bed only for sleeping and sex. Avoid use of the bed for watching TV, eating, working, or any other activities. If you do wish to use the bed for a bit of nighttime reading, read only pleasure books in bed.

…6. Limit your consumption of caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Remember that eating chocolates and drinking cocoa and colas also are sources of caffeine…

…8. Fit in some exercise during the day, but don’t exercise strenuously right before bedtime.

9. Eat light meals in the evening. Eating heavily in the evening or eating just prior to going to bed can disrupt your sleep.

10. Establish a “winding down” ritual in the evenings just prior to bedtime. Try to free your mind of distracting or troublesome thoughts and engage in a relaxing, enjoyable activity like reading, listening to music, or watching a pleasant film.”

How to Prevent Insomnia | Insomnia

10 Ways To Prevent Insomnia<
By The Editors of Prevention prevention.com
“…5. Pop some natural supplements.
Sleeping pills come with a lot of risky baggage, and they’ve been linked to negative side effects like headaches, nausea, fatigue, and addiction. Try natural alternatives instead, like melatonin: It’s a hormone produced in your body that controls your sleep cycle. As we age, melatonin levels drop, so you may want to try a supplement, but be sure to read this first so you know the best way to take it for actual results.

6. Eat cherries….”



15 Bed Pillows to Get the Best Sleep Possible

We don’t take our deep sleep lightly. .bestproducts.com

Ten Natural Sleep Tips drweil.com
“1. Secrets to Sleeping Soundly

There are many reasons why people have a difficult time staying asleep. The good news is that common problems with sleep are often easily addressed without the use of medication or pharmaceutical sleep aids – there are no guaranteed natural cures for insomnia, but there are effective steps you can take, including natural sleep aids. Ask yourself these questions (and try the simple sleep aid recommendations) if you find yourself waking frequently in the night:…

2. Understanding Insomnia

…Learn and use a relaxation technique regularly. Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga are good examples..

Sal: I meditate each night by making a list of all of my prayer request (e.g. worries, needs, etc..) and then another list of what I’m thankful for (e.g. something positive to reflect despite the “negative” circumstances that happened during the day). I then read a Bible verse/chapter (e.g. singing a chapter from the book of Psalm)

“…Short naps are good. Try to get into the habit of napping: ten to twenty minutes in the afternoon, preferably lying down in a darkened room.
Spend some time outdoors as often as you can to get exposure to bright, natural light. If you are concerned about harmful effects of solar radiation, do it before ten in the morning or after three in the afternoon or use sunscreen…”

12 Natural Treatment Tips for Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, and other Sleep Disorders!

12) Sleep until Sunlight – If possible, wake up with the sun, or use very bright lights in the morning. Sunlight helps the body’s internal biological clock reset itself each day. Sleep experts recommend exposure to an hour of morning sunlight for people having problems falling asleep.”

12 Cheap and Natural Insomnia Remedies By Amy Capetta everydayhealth.com
“…3 / 13 Tune in for Better Sleep

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, listening to calming, soft music as you doze off could be a solution. Research has shown that older people who listen to calming music before going to bed have improved sleep quality during the night than people who don’t. Just make sure you’re picking something soothing, and that you set it to turn off after a while, hopefully when you’re already deep into dreamland..

5 / 13 Power Down an Hour Before Bed

“Sleep is not an on-and-off switch,” says sleep expert and clinical psychologist Michael Breus, PhD, author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan. “Your body needs time to unwind and ready itself for shuteye.” That’s why Dr. Breus recommends practicing a three-part routine called the “Power-Down Hour.” During the first 20 minutes, complete any chores that absolutely must get done before bedtime. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and get dressed for bed during the next 20 minutes. For the last 20 minutes, lie in bed quietly and meditate. Focus on the rhythm of your breathing and shoo away any negative thoughts during this time.


16 Foods That Help You Sleep rd.com
Many foods contain naturally occurring substances that bring on sleep; here are some of the best choices to help you settle down for a quality rest.

A salad with dinner could speed up your bedtime since lettuce contains lactucarium, which has sedative properties and affects the brain similarly to opium. You can also try this brew from the book Stealth Health: Simmer three to four large lettuce leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, add two sprigs of mint, and sip just before you go to bed.


The natural sugar found in honey slightly raises insulin and allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily, according to nutritionist Lindsey Duncan on DrOz.com. A spoonful before bed or mixed with chamomile tea could give you a more restful sleep.


Green leafy vegetables like kale are loaded with calcium, which helps the brain use tryptophan to manufacture melatonin. Spinach and mustard greens are other good options. (More surprising calcium sources are here.)

Shrimp and Lobster

Another good source of tryptophan, crustaceans like shrimp or lobster may bring on an easier sleep.


Chickpeas are also a good source of tryptophan, so a light lunch of hummus and whole-grain crackers (to help the tryptophan reach the brain), could be a good way to head into an afternoon nap.


Insomnia – an Exercise in Frustration Monday, December 8, 2014 cornerstonethefoundation.blogspot.com
Some Things that May Help with Mild Insomnia

In my dealings with insomnia over the decades, I have learned a few tricks that can help alleviate mild insomnia.

1. a glass of hot milk, or a bowl of hot cereal, taken immediately before bed, can be helpful
2. if still awake two to three hours later, have another glass of hot milk or cereal
3. regular exercise is crucial. This may be going on brisk 30-45 minute walks three times a week, or doing aerobics, swimming, jogging, etc. Working out with light hand-weights several days a week also helps. (Small note – avoid the above types of exercise near bedtime!)
4. eat a good, balanced diet, with lots of fruit. Drink plenty of water
5. if you must have a nap during the day, make it a 15 minute power nap, no longer. Set an alarm.
6. listening to soothing or relaxing music immediately before going to bed can also be helpful.

Another point I would like to make is that we humans have a tendency to take on too many responsibilities and get involved with too many activities. Sometimes it is good to take a step back, sit at Christ’s feet and wait on Him, and then prayfully examine our life. Are we doing too much? Are there some aspects of our life that are placing us under pressure unnecessarily? Are there some things that we can quit or that can be put off until next year? Frantic, stressful lifestyles can cause insomnia or make it worse. I learned this lesson the hard way. (Twice…)…”

The Cure to Insomnia

“Jesus Christ healed me of severe insomnia and He can heal you too! Jesus can heal anything. I know how horrible it is to suffer from severe insomnia. Jesus is the cure. Please give your life to Him and let Him heal you. If you need help following Jesus, please email me at Gurlygirl2012@aol.com.”

Deliverance from Sufferings Caused by Chronic Insomnia
July 17, 2011 By Vachiravan christian-faith.com
“…Due to my devastating and unhealthy lifestyle I had lived since I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia at 17 years of age, now in 1994 (after 30 long years), this lifestyle had taken its toll on me. And although I had been very successful in real estate business, I still encountered various sufferings caused by chronic insomnia. As time went by, both my mental and physical health had been greatly and gradually deteriorating and I had stopped seeing any doctors or taking any medicine or pills for a long time since these methods could not relief my sufferings….

“Where is God? How can I believe in God that cannot be seen?” However, out of consideration, I finally went to church with her!

First day at Thiansang Bangkok Church, I felt like crying. During worship, Pastor Winai Phruti-satayakul had made the invitation to accept God, telling us that if we invited Him into our hearts, He would help us achieve everything. I thus went to the pulpit to accept God, hoping this God would cure me of my chronic insomnia. I then prayed to God to heal me and God had done a miracle. That is, while standing praying to God, I felt something flaring up in my chest for about 5 seconds, which is like the invisible hands were re-systematizing my body. From then on, my sleeplessness has been slowly subsided. Before bedtime, I would read the Bible. And if any night I was sleepless, I would pray hard and then I would sleep well. At present, I still have some sleepless nights; nevertheless, with the help of God and of the Holy Spirit, I have been greatly empowered to do my daily works as good and as efficiently as any people having 8-hour sleep. …”

Any stories, suggestions, comments, etc.. on any of the content above or that wasn’t mentioned? Feel free to share to help others with possibly similar circumstances in this medical topic…thanks!

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