“…Less than 24 hours after the news broke, some began painting the 57-year-old’s end as another tragic tale of rock over-indulgence. TMZ claimed that his medical emergency a few days earlier was a drug overdose. KISS rocker Paul Stanley seemed to similarly imply that it was an issue with pain pills. Contradicting such reports are .. well .. pretty much everyone who actually knew Prince. His renowned parties at Paisley Park were a “no alcohol/no drugs/no swearing” zone, and even Prince’s bodyguard in the ’80s says he only saw him drink wine once — and that was the extent of his indulgences. Other reports cite some sort of “ongoing illness” that left him frail, even going so far as to say he may have had HIV. Other friends say he wasn’t sick at all…”-Prince, Heath Ledger & more: Why do we need to know what killed our heroes? by Larry Carroll at 10:04 PM on Apr 22, 2016 zap2it.com

Why Prince was VEGAN? (Live longer on Average) Revolution RIP Doves Cry Purple Rain Kiss News 1999

“Published on Apr 21, 2016

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Dr. Manny Alvarez on possible causes of Prince’s death, from youtube.com
“Published on Apr 21, 2016

Was the flu responsible?..”

“..Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, had spoken about struggling with childhood epilepsy, and friends said he had hip trouble. His former percussionist Sheila E. told The Associated Press that Prince suffered the effects from years of jumping off risers and speakers on stage while wearing high heels.

“There was always something kind of bothering him, as it does all of us,” she said. “I hurt every single day. You know we’re like athletes, we train, and we get hurt all the time. We have so many injuries.”…

“I can tell you this: What I know is that he was perfectly healthy,” said Smith, who formed a band with Prince when they were kids.

Smith said Prince swore off drugs and alcohol as a kid, and the group they played with saw a lot of music greats fall, so “we decided to never get into that stuff, and no one did.”….”Prince’s death raises numerous questions about prior health AP
Friday, April 22, 2016 05:44PM abc7news.com

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