DOMS: Prevention And Treatment.,
“…Until recently, the only anti-DOMS recourse for athletes has been to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like ibuprofen. Unfortunately these over-the-counter pain killers stunt muscle growth2 and can damage the liver. …”

12 Home Remedies for Sore Muscles – Best Natural Muscle Pain Relief March 2, 2016 by Laurie Neverman 83 Comments
“..Epsom Salt for Muscle Pain Relief

Tried and true, a cup or two of Epsom salt dissolved in a warm tub of water works wonders for aching muscles. Use warm water, not hot water. (Warm water will dry out your skin less.) For sore muscles, soak for 15 minutes or until the water has cooled, up to three times per week. Epsom salt baths are not recommended for those with health conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes…

Home Remedy for Sore Muscles #4 – Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Home Remedy for Sore Muscles #8 – Movement

If you’re just stiff and sore, more of what got you that way may be the answer. Over time, your muscles will build and strengthen and you’ll be able to do more with less discomfort. I know if I sit too much (say, working on a certain website…), I get awfully stiff. Just getting up and moving around and doing some gentle stretching works wonders.

Our muscles tend to want to stay doing whatever they’re doing, unless we force them to change. If you’re tensed up, they’ll stay tensed up. Stand up, walk, run, stretch, garden – do whatever you can to be active, so you can stay active as you age….
*see Fitness: Various kinds of Stretches

Home Remedy for Sore Muscles #9 – Massage

Home Remedy for Sore Muscles #11 – Rest…

Treat Sore Muscles Fast With These 6 Natural Remedies

Foam Rolling

A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling for Tight, Sore Muscles
written by Bethany Lyn February 5, 2014
“..Muscle soreness one or two days after an intense workout is completely normal and can be caused by aerobic or anaerobic activities.. It can be especially bad if you haven’t exercised for a long period of time or if you’ve upped the ante of your current workout program.

It’s known as DOMS:

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is micro-damage caused to the muscle fibers and connective tissue from exercise. DOMS is a harmless condition that typically lasts a few days…”

Foam Rolling / Foam Roller Basics

How Bad Is It to Just Foam Roll When You’re Sore? Sara Angle | Oct 08, 2015
The benefits of foam rolling are vast, but only turning to the tool to ease muscle soreness isn’t your best bet
“..That’s because whenever you use recovery tools like the foam roller (even if it’s just every now and then), you’re cleaning out some of the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during exercise. Compare the action to putting air in your tires—you’re fluffing the muscle up so it’s not as tight and dense, Roxburgh explains. But you’re also rolling out connective tissue, or fascia. Fascia wraps around your entire body like a wetsuit, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. In healthy form, it should be stretchy and flexible like Saran wrap, explains Roxburgh. But knots, tension, and toxins can lodge in the fascia, making it hard, thick, and dense, like an ACE bandage. If you had surgery, a doctor would notice the difference…

Roxburgh recommends foam rolling before your workout for five to 10 minutes. By hydrating the tissue before you exercise, it will be more supple, giving you greater range of motion during your workout (read: longer strides on your run, deeper pliés in barre class). Even on rest days, foam rolling will release tight muscles from sitting at a desk all day. And the best part is, you don’t need fancy recovery tools to reap the benefits: a simple foam roller and a tennis ball are Roxburgh’s go-to tools.”

Intro to Self-Myofascial Release Techniques – YouTube

5 Fascia Release Exercises Everyone Needs to do Every Day

The Best Tool for a Deeper Self-Massage Jay Cardiello
“..Below are five different ways you can use a lacrosse ball for more effective myofascial release. Perform each of the following exercises for up to 60 seconds. They can be performed before or after your workout, as well as any time throughout the day…”

*see Fitness: Kinesiology-Kinematic Exercise Types

NOT Effective

The One Rule of Effective Fascial Release – And Why Massage Doesn’t ‘Release’ Fascia
*massaging isn’t as effective, try compressions and movement

Why foam rolling is NOT Myofascial Release (nor is instrument assisted soft tissue techniques)
*it can’t grab muscles and create tension movement

Foam Roller Mistake! (Watch BEFORE You Foam Roll)
*got to foam roll “correctly” by not narrowing the “tight muscle” but “widening” (other direction)

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