Ok..I don’t have the most beautiful feet, but just had to use an example. 😉


5 Dry Feet Remedies To Keep Your Feet Soft And Beautiful

“…Daily Foot Care

Daily foot care is essential to treat dry feet. You should scrub, wash and moisturise your feet two times a day. While bathing scrub your feet with a foot scrubber and after your bath apply body lotion to the feet when they are still moist. This way moisturiser will spread easily and it will absorb in the skin faster. It is better to apply a non greasy lotion during the day to prevent dust and grime sticking to feet…

At night, after your day’s work is over, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Add a tea spoonful of salt in the water for better cleansing. Scrub the feet with a foot scrubber and wipe clean the feet. Apply coconut oil…

…, olive oil or almond oil and cover the feet with socks to prevent your linen from staining. You can also apply a nourishing foot cream to treat dry feet…”

Sal: I usually put cream or lotion too, which I then put socks at night time before going to bed.

“..Foot Massage

Foot massage helps to stimulate blood circulation and it helps to treat dry feet. It is a good way to prevent wrinkles in feet. You can massage your feet at any time, while watching TV or before going to sleep..”

Sal: I massage my feet almost nightly as I put lotion and cream as I read awhile ago that this helps with various sensory nerves throughout your body too…

“..Eat one large serving of fresh salad once a day, consisting of carrot, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes to remove any deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. It will help to treat dryness in feet and make them soft and beautiful. -..”


How to Cure Dry Feet & Cracked Heels at Home in 7 Days

“..Heels are most neglected part of body, most of us care about our face, hairs and body but do not take care of feet and heels until they start cracking. Getting beautiful heels at home is easy with simple home remedies and get rid of dry cracked and painful heels.
Cracking of heels can be due to several reasons like Dry skin, Atopic dermatitis, Corns and calluses, Psoriasis, Standing on hard floors for long, Wearing open-back footwear that does not provide support around the heels, Excess weight, Cold weather.
Home remedy 1:
Coconut oil – Wash your feet, apply coconut oil and leave it for whole night. This is one of best treatment for creaked heels and dry & rough feet..”


11 Best Foot Creams … → Beauty beauty.allwomenstalk.com
“..1. Eucerin plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme..

Sal: I put this type of cream , especially on my cracked heels..


This is an on-going blog like the others, so feel free to comment and share any other recommendations..

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