Have you ever heard of the saying-“You are old as you feel”? Do you ever feel tired and worn out as you use the excuse that “I’m getting too old”? Well, stop it! There are many people your age more fit than many younger people their age. If they can do it, you can do it!

I decided to record my mile-run around the local track last week just for the “sake” of it. I had a new “smartphone” (I-Phone 5s) that I purchased recently and wanted to try out the “stop watch” feature. I haven’t time my mile for years even though I’ve been running around the local campus track off and on for years for fitness exercises.

In the spirit of the “summer olympic” summer games in #RioBrazil2016 last week, I decided to just run the mile and see how I can compare to my personal “high school” record when I ran long distance for the track team. Just to note, I ran only 1 year after realizing I wasn’t good enough for high school baseball. I ran my senior year for various reasons (e.g. had a crush on a girl in the girl’s track team too). I ran a “personal best” of 7:11, which is really bad compared to my peers. However, I thought if I did long distance longer, it would’ve been a better time.

On Tuesday, August 16th 2016-I recorded a 7:55, which was very surprising for me at my age of 39. I was like, this is close to my high school personal record. I decided to keep going and try to do better. I’ve been playing “pick-up” soccer/futbol with friends the past month or so, which I felt was a factor in my “pretty” good mile run time. I decided to eat “healthier” (stay away from foods that slow me down).

Personal Mile Record Vlog Pt1

This second time of recording (Tuesday, August 23rd 2016), I recorded a 7:24. This was a day that I mentally felt like “not running” due to some circumstances earlier in the day, like I had only 6 hours of sleep for not going to bed earlier (bad discipline). However, I felt like running after almost 4+ hours of sitting down through 2 different staff meetings for 2 different jobs earlier in the day. It was cooler by 7pm after a hot humid day (close to 90F), so I thought this would be “perfect” to continue going for my mile record.

Personal Mile Record Vlog Pt2

Despite going to the “Minnesota State “Eating” Fair this past weekend, I was able to get a better time this week. It took a lot of discipline at the fair as I had to be “choosy” on what foods to eat and not!

Personal Mile Record Vlog Pt3

Stay tune for further updates!

Stay motivated! How do you get motivated? Got any personal stories of #motivation or #fitness overall in a personal record? Any tips?

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