10 Reasons People Start Smoking
“…Enter cigarettes. If a child in a social circle starts experimenting with tobacco, it’s all too easy for him or her to lead peers into smoking as well — the smoker doesn’t want to be alone, and the not-yet-smokers don’t want to be seen as afraid to try something risky or boundary-pushing.

“…Reason #1: Its an Addiction

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Some doctors claim it’s more addictive than heroin and cocaine. Not only does it stimulate the brain, but it enters the bloodstream and calms the nerves. It’s known as a biphasic effect. It keeps smokers coming back for more.After smoking for years, the body gets used to the nicotine that flows through the blood. So, people tend to feel the urge for a cigarette, that is a source of nicotine which can be provided to the body.

Why do people start smoking? Top 10 reasons
“…Top 10 reasons people start smoking

1. Family attitudes that condone smoking – Young people who start smoking in their teen years frequently have siblings, parents, grandparents or “broader family” members who smoke. The risk that a person start smoking is often higher if one or both parents smoke.

2. Peer pressure – Peer smoking is a stronger predictor of smoking onset for high school students. And the number of cigarette offers made to students can affect whether or not they become smokers, or not. Also, young people who play sports are less likely to smoke.

3. Copycatting what is cool in popular culture – Although peer and family influences have been shown to be powerful predictors of adolescent smoking, social influences also exist in the larger cultural sphere. Movies, advertisements, and other forms of media shape teen views of what is “cool,” attractive, and grown up. Therefore, some people start smoking to emulate their heroes or to embody what is chic.


The 5 Best Home Remedies to Quit Smoking By Max Smith May 8, 2015
“..We’ll cover some of the best remedies right here. Whether you are trying to combat cravings, get rid of nausea or just get the nicotine out of your system faster there is a cure right here for you…


Part of the reason that nicotine is so addictive and so hard to get rid of is because it permeates your body as a toxin…

The water helps you heal and it enables you recover from smoking while you are trying to quit. As you abandon your regular smoking habits your body will heal on its own and start to detoxify, but water gives it an extra boost, and it speeds up the process, helping you fight your addictions that much more.

Grape Juice

The biggest part of conquering your addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal is to get the toxins out of your body

It is the toxins that are causing you to feel cravings and that keep your energy levels down. By using detoxifiers you can boost your energy levels and start to feel better much faster.”

Lime Juice and 8 Other Natural Ways To Quit Smoking
” ..This is why effective, natural interventions for smoking cessation are so needed today and why we are excited to report on a new study involving a solution that can be found not at your local pharmacy, but at your local grocer’s fruit stand.

In a new study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand titled, “Efficacy of fresh lime for smoking cessation,”[i] researchers from the Department of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand tested the effectiveness of fresh lime as a smoking cessation aid compared with nicotine gum.

14 Natural Ways To Stop Smoking
By Rebecca C. Walsh
“..Make a Few Dietary Changes

Some foods make cigarettes taste horribly and others make them taste better. According to research performed at Duke University, coffee, alcohol and read meat all make cigarettes taste better. However, juice, vegetables, fruit and milk can make them taste bad, so loading up on these foods can be helpful when you are trying to quit. As an added bonus, they also promote optimal health.

Strength in Numbers

strength-in-numbersWhen it comes to quitting smoking and never going back, getting support from other smokers is proven to be helpful. All other addictive substances have support group therapy, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and these work.

There are support groups for those trying to quit smoking, but they are not as publicized. Many hospitals have this type of resource so it is something to consider.

Mindful Meditation

mindful-meditationThe act of meditation is relaxing and it allows you to focus. The University of Wisconsin looked at longtime smokers and how group meditation sessions helped them to quit smoking.

“..Emmanuel TV
Published on Nov 8, 2017
If you’ve been struggling to change a bad habit but your best efforts have seemingly proven futile, this testimony will strike a chord in your conscience…

Konstantinos Ligas smoked more than three packets of cigarettes on a daily basis for almost 25 years. It was that bad. The Greek’s addiction was coupled with a carefree lifestyle, fuelled by a festering lust for women outside his home. Pleasure was plentiful but peace elusive. A self-professed ‘captive’ to sin, Konstantinos began crying out for change when a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV.

Incredibly, language and barrier proved no distance to God’s power. As prayer was offered in Nigeria, the Greek fell unsteadily to his knees and began to vomit. It was a supernatural cleansing which rippled into a supernatural change! ..”

Stop Smoking: Revelation & Testimony

“Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

As some of you know that watch these videos that I do for Jesus,
On December 24th, 2010 is when I started making videos for Jesus on youtube here.
And that was the same day that the Lord Jesus delivered me from smoking cigarettes.
My friends I’ve done so many things in my life, so many drugs,
So much alcohol and things like that.
I’ve done pills, excstacy, cocaine, I’ve even tried crack a couple times.
You know I’ve drank alcohol and liquor,
I’ve been addicted to internet pornography over ten years ago,
And I have many addicitons in my life.
But there was never an addiction that had me like smoking cigarettes had me.
I probably smoked for about ten years,
From around the year 2000 to around the year 2010.
But there was never an addiction that had more control over me that that addiction.
I was literally feeding my flesh,
And for about 8 of those 10 years I was addicted smoking about a pack a day.
But my friends I haven’t made any videos about stopping smoking,
Because the Lord had not led me to.
But Jesus spoke to me here recently and He gave me a revelation about smoking cigs,
And it will not be popular for those of you that are still smoking cigarettes.
But if you will take it to Jesus He will help you.
He will help you and He will deliver you from those cigs if you surrender to Him.
If you will surrender your life to Him.
This is what the Lord told me in my spirit, He said,
My child the world has even banned cigarette smoking in public places,
The world has even put these limits on where you can smoke.
Do you not think that if you are My child and your body is My temple,
That I will accept you into My Kingdom,
If you continue to smoke cigarettes and defile your body?
Your body is not your own, your body is Mine.
My friends, He reminded me that this body, this is His temple,
And it’s Him that lives inside of us.
And if you are truly serious about following Jesus,
You will put all of your focus on Jesus.
You will take your focus off of your addiction, you will put it on Jesus.
And you will begin to tell those cigarettes,
(Look at that cigarette) and tell it that you are not my boss.
I follow Jesus, I obey Jesus,
And I’m no longer going to surrender to you.
I’m no longer going to feed my flesh,
But I’m going to surrender to Jesus and lay my life down.
It’s no longer what I want, it’s what Jesus wants.
And my friend, if you begin to draw closer to Jesus,
He will set you free from smoking those nasty cigarettes.
My friend are bodies are the temple of God,
And everyone that is filled with the Spirit of God is His temple.
My friends, we are the church.
We are the called out believers, we are His vessels.
We are either instruments of righteousness or intruments of wickedness.
Jesus wants to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
Jesus wants to set you free, but my friends you must resist the devil.
And when you truly submit to Jesus, when you truly submit to Jesus,
You will be able to resist that devil and he will flee from you.
But my friends you must want it.
You must pray without ceasing.
You must put all of your focus on Jesus.
Tune into Jesus, tune into Jesus, He will help you.
He will strengthen you, and when you put all of your focus on Him,
Those little cigarettes, they will be easy to lay down.
He will just take it away, but you have to really want it.
You’ve got to hunger and thirst after it,
Like you’ve never hunger or thirst for anything else.
My friend, He will set you free, He can do all things.
You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.
My friends, you can do it, I’m praying for you.
If you need any type of encouragment or anything, I’m available.
You can call me, you can call me anytime on skype.
Hit me up for my skype name or just write or leave me a message.
My links to my facebook are on my youtube channel page.
I’m telling you, you can do it, you can stop smoking.
My friends, it takes your confidence.
You will not be able to confidently go to the throne of God.
You will not be able to comfidently come to Him,
And say Lord Lord, and bring your requests, supplications, and petitions to Him.
You will stand in the gap for other people,
But if you continue to feed your flesh with all of these vices,
Whether it be smoking or whatever it might be, whatever addiction,
Whatever you are bound in, you won’t have the confidence my friend.
And when you stand before Jesus you will be feeling shame.
You will be shamed because He wanted to empower you.
He wanted to give you the strength and power,
To be able to stop doing those things that you are doing.
But, my friends, if you continue to trust in your self,
And just continue to walk in the flesh and feed your flesh,
you will perish.
You can do it, I know you can, I’m praying for you.
May Jesus bless you.

Amazing Testimony of Deliverance from Smoking – YouTube

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Survivor-Testimonies of how to quit smoking – YouTube

What’s your story? What brought you to this blog? Got any personal tips/advice relating to any of the content above?

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