What is tonsil cancer? healthgrades.com
“..Tonsil cancer is cancer that occurs in one of the three types of tonsils of the throat. It most commonly occurs in the palatine tonsils, which are located on either side of the throat, although it can also occur in the pharyngeal tonsils (also called adenoids), which are behind the nasal cavity, or in the lingual tonsils, which are at the back of the tongue….”


Tonsil Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment tonsilcure.com
It is observed that tonsil carcinoma hpv is one of the major causes. The Human Pappiloma virus is one of the most frequent viruses that affect the person suffering from tonsil stones and later it continues to swell and end up in almond cancer. It can be seen in the tonsillitis carcinoma staging.
Smoking is one of the major issues with it. Most of the cases of almond cancer it is seen that people who suffer from tonsil diffuse epithelioytic are a regular smoker.
Alcohol is also one cause of it.
Smoking and drinking alcohol at a time increases the risk of disease more than doing this alone.
Squamous cell carcinomas of the tonsils are one of the factors that cause this disease.


8 Easy To Detect Symptoms Of Throat Cancer

“Published on Apr 21, 2014

Read more information, visit: http://www.lifemartini.com/easy-to-de…..”


Reducing your risk of mouth and throat cancer wcrf-uk.org
“..Scientists estimate that by not smoking or drinking alcohol, and by choosing a healthy diet, most cases of mouth and throat cancer could be prevented…”
Tonsil Cancer Prevention cancer8.com


Tonsil Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis &Treatment verywell.com
“..Treatment of Tonsil Cancer

The amount of treatment you receive for your condition will depend on what stage of tonsil cancer you have, what type you have, and how aggressive you and your physician would like to be when it comes to treatment. In general, three types of treatments are used:

1. Surgery – Most patients will need surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. Some individuals who have stage I or II cancer may not need any more treatment than this, although radiation may be recommended since a single remaining cancer cell could grow into another tumor.

2. Radiation – After surgery, many patients undergo radiation to kill any remaining cancer tissue. There are several kinds of radiation and what is used will depend on your particular situation.

3. Chemotherapy – If you have stage III or IV tonsil cancer, you will likely need chemotherapy. A new treatment called induction chemotherapy is being used to shrink tumors.

Most doctors will recommend a minimum of surgical treatment followed by localized radiation. Some physicians also use hyperthermia (warming the body to a high temperature to kill cancer cells). Other investigational treatments are available, but your insurance company is not likely to pay for them. Investigational treatments are extremely expensive unless you are participating in a current study.

There are also many holistic and scientifically unproven treatments offered around the world; these treatments have to be paid for out of pocket, can be quite expensive, and there is no guarantee that they will work. Unfortunately, tonsil cancer is more deadly than some of the other throat/mouth cancers. When caught in early stages though, many people are able to beat tonsil cancer…”


Surviving stage 4 head and neck cancer without surgery uchospitals.edu
“…Surgery can be the preferred treatment for small, early-stage lesions. The goal of treatment is to remove the cancer while preserving function of their organs. Endoscopic laser surgery, new reconstructive techniques and robotic surgery allow physicians to remove tumors through the mouth instead of opening up the neck…”


4 Ways to Get Rid of Tonsillitis draxe.com
Alternative Cancer Treatments: Tonsil Cancer Survivor

“Published on Jul 17, 2012

Tonsils Cancer Alternative Treatment

“I had a tumor out to ‘here’. It was as big as a potato. And now it’s gone, it’s down to just scar tissue.”

“When they told me what the traditional things were, that there would be surgery, that they had to scrape nerves down and that there would be losses of mobility, and that the conventional radiation would totally destroy the saliva glands…it sounded really bad. I knew at that point that there just had to be some other way.”

“The treatment here was real easy..conventional just takes all your energy away, and that makes life almost impossible….this was much gentler.”


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http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Patients/… tonsils are a group of lymphoid tissues in the throat.

Tonsil Cancer Symptoms and Basic Knowledge
http://tonsilcancersymptoms.org/It is essential that you find out the tonsil cancer symptoms if you’re suspecting that you might have a tonsil cancer. Most folks who are suspecting that they might

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Tonsil cancer — Why choose Mayo Clinic?
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Raph’s Tonsil Cancer
http://tonsilcancersupport.com/I got the idea after viewing a couple of American websites belonging to other tonsil cancer patients and the sites seemed effective. Background and diary of …

The Naked Truth about Tonsil Cancer
http://www.froedtert.com/…/TheNaked… — The Naked Truth about Tonsil Cancer. Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit. -Edward R.
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http://emedicine.medscape.com/article… — Malignant Tonsil Tumor Surgery. Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is the sixth most common malignancy worldwide, with …
Tonsil cancer : Cancer Research UK : CancerHelp UK
http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.or… — This page is on tonsil cancer. There is information on what tonsil cancer is, risk factors, and treatment for tonsil cancer.”

Patient Perspectives: A Radiation-Free Way to Heal Throat Cancer
September 7, 2015 by Antonio Jimenez hope4cancer.com
“…You Are What You Eat

Diet and nutrition have been a big part of my therapy in the clinic and at home. In the early part of my healing process, I ate a 90 percent vegan diet. But after meeting with the Hope4Cancer’s new nutritionist, Oscar Puig, in June, it made more sense for me to be on a Ketogenic diet, because my blood type is O+. As a result, I have gained a lot more energy, I need less sleep, and I feel a lot better.

As part of the Ketogenic diet, I’m eating three pieces of protein a day with minimal carbohydrates. I get about 20 percent of my calories from carbs, 35 percent from protein, and 45 percent from fat. That sounds like a lot of fat, but it’s really only a few more tablespoons of coconut oil and olive oil. There are a lot of calories in fat! Once a week, I have a few more carbohydrates to avoid the “hibernation mode” that can come with a Ketogenic diet…”
5 Effective Home Remedies For Oral Cancer – Natural Treatments … findhomeremedy.com/


Natural Treatment for Oral Cancer

“…Published on May 28, 2015

Home remedies can effectively help deal with oral cancers without causing too many side effects in the process. Home remedies for mouth cancer are cost effective and cheaper too and would yield desirable results in a short span of time.

Natural Treatment depends on the size, type and location of the cancer and whether it has spread,follow this given natural treatment and you find the best result within 21 Days!!!. Maintain these diet for 6 to 12 months till you become perfectly alright.

So say no to expensive treatment and try this best natural treatment best dietary for mouth cancer or oral cancer…”

(Throat Cancer Survivor) (Alternative Throat Cancer Treatment Options) Low Side Effects – Part II youtube.com
“Published on Mar 14, 2011

(Throat Cancer Survivor) (Alternative Throat Cancer Treatment) Low Side Effects Los Angeles – Santa Monica – Beverly hills
SIGN UP FREE! https://healingcancerinthiscentury.com/

During the course of my treatment I never stop exercising, I rode my bike and went for walks, low impact exercise but I kept my heart moving. I can honestly say that since I’ve done with the treatment I’ve never been sick, not even runny nose! never had a cold, never been sick at all! in a year and three months after I finished the treatment.

The (Hyperthermia) treatment is very non invasive; it wore me down (my energy) during the treatment; from that day on I grew (healthier) and just got better and better.

Every time I go for a PET scan and it’s clean I say : “You are cancer free!”

Hyperthermia combined with low-dose-radiation in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Wood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Culver City, Brentwood,

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— (Throat-Tongue-Tonsils Cancer Treatment Alternatives) for Michael Douglas. Hyperthermia has very low or no side effects, and since its …

Alternative Throat Cancer Treatments: Naturopathic Medicine at …
http://www.cancercenter.com/throat-ca… –
When used appropriately during traditional throat cancer treatment, naturopathic medicine may help you better tolerate treatment. Learn more about how CTCA …

New Throat Cancer Treatment
http://drrao.articlesbase.com › Health › Alternative Medicine – CachedSep 28, 2006 — Herbs and natural treatment…herbs and nutrition’s are safe and batter miracle cure for all other cancers.
http://www.greatdreams.com/cancer-cur… – Cached”So many cancer therapies are as poisonous to healthy cells as they are to … Throat Cancer Cure: Ministry of Health of China Proven Results – . … Exhaustive study of holistic cancer cures, clinical research on alternative cancer treatments and …

Throat cancer: Alternative medicine – MayoClinic.com
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/oral…… – CachedNo alternative treatments have proved helpful in treating throat cancer. However, some complementary and alternative treatments may help you cope with your …

(Neck Cancer) (base of tongue) cancer treatment alternative
http://www.vci.org/neckcancertreatmen… –
Neck Cancer Treatment Alternative, Hyperthermia low dose Radiation … a patient who is a singer and was diagnosed with throat and base of tongue cancer. …
(Throat-Tongue-Tonsils Cancer Treatment Alternatives) for Michael …
(Throat-Tongue-Tonsils Cancer Treatment Alternatives) for Michael Douglas. Hyperthermia has very low or no side effects, and since its …

(Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment) Avoids Sexual Side Effects …
Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Treatment Alternatives · Throat Cancer Treatment Alternatives … Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment Options With Curative …

Alternative Inflammatory Breast Cancer Treatment, IBC Treatment …
Alternative Throat Cancer Treatments … Throat Cancer Treatment Alternatives … Alternative cancer treatment, alternative breast cancer treatment, alternative …”


God Healed Me Of Throat Cancer evangelicaloutreach.org
My Cancer Was Healed
“Salvation Of The Soul

I went back to the hospital for my second treatment. When the doctor had checked me over a lot of the swelling was out. I had one more treatment to take still yet. So I came home yet again for another three weeks.
During this time at home while I was praying I felt that God had healed me. When I took my third treatment I had told the doctor I have been healed by God of my cancer … but I still took the treatment even though I knew I didn’t have cancer anymore.

After my treatment was over they did a biopsy to see if any cancer was showing. Guess what they came back no cancer showing at all. The doctor told me that the treatments would not make the cancer go away but it would just help where I could go through radiation too and maybe not have to have surgery. But when they seen no cancer on the biopsy test, they were surprised there was no sign of cancer. But I told them I knew they would not find any cancer because God healed me.

MY STORY OF HEALING christinecaine.com
“..Surely God will instantly heal me because I need my voice to do all of these things … Of course, I thought this. Often. I mean, He could, couldn’t He? I believe in the marrow of my bones that Jesus still heals today. I believe in the supernatural, miracle-working power of God. How else could I be saved, if I did not believe by supernatural faith that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died on the cross, rose again on the third day, sits at the right hand of the Father, and is returning one day soon? Yes, pretty much everything I believe requires supernatural faith.

Believing God can heal today requires less faith for me than believing Jesus Christ would die for my sins. That still blows my mind.

I wanted to be delivered FROM this situation, but ten weeks later, I discovered God wanted me to walk THROUGH this.

Rod Parsley’s testimony: A walking miracle – healed of throat cancer

“Published on Oct 22, 2015

Rod Parsley was diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s not a big secret, though he has not been speaking much about it publicly—until now. This is part 1 of 2 parts (Breakthrough broadcast October 22, 2015). All rights reserved World Harvest Church.


Medical: What to do with Throat Problem(s)? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com
Medical: How to deal with Strep Throat? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com

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