5 Reasons Why Fluoride in Water is Good for Communities
“..Prevents tooth decay. Fluoride in water is the most efficient way to prevent one of the most common childhood diseases – tooth decay. An estimated 51 million school hours and 164 million work hours are lost each year due to dental-related illness. Community water fluoridation is so effective at preventing tooth decay that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention named it one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century…”
How Does Fluoride Protect Teeth?
Fluoride: The Superhero of Cavity Fighting

“Published on Apr 27, 2015

Everyone’s heard of fluoride but what exactly is it? And how does it work to prevent cavities? Dr. Jane Gillette of the American Dental Association takes a look at the science inside your mouth. Find more information about fluoride by visiting

CDC – Benefits – Community Water Fluoridation – Oral Health
“..Surgeons General Statements on Community Water Fluoridation

The past five Surgeons General supported community water fluoridation and encouraged communities to fluoridate their water. Here are the most recent three statements.

-City Water

Water and You: The Water Treatment Process


The History of Fluoride

“Published on Dec 13, 2013

In the first part of our series on fluoride, Dr. Bill Kohn, DDS, gives an oral history of fluoride and how community water fluoridation became one of the CDC’s 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.





Catalyst: Water Fluoridation – ABC TV Science
“..In federated Australia, the decision to add fluoride to water is left to the …… to properly destroy foreign agents …..”
To fluoride or not to fluoride: the water treatment question


10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know
April 30, 2013 | 735,221 views
By Dr. Mercola
“..Even in North America, water fluoridation has come under increasing scrutiny; since 2010, more than 75 US and Canadian communities have voted to end water fluoridation, and the issue is heating up as more and more people begin to demand water that does not expose them to this highly toxic industrial waste product.

If you’re new to this issue, and even if you’re not, please take 20 minutes to watch Michael Connett, an attorney with the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), summarize 10 important facts about fluoride that everyone needs to know.

10 Facts About Fluoride

1. Most Developed Countries Do Not Fluoridate Their Water

More people drink fluoridated water in the US alone than in the rest of the world combined. In Western Europe, for instance, 97 percent of the population drinks non-fluoridated water.

2. Fluoridated Countries Do Not Have Less Tooth Decay Than Non-Fluoridated Countries

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between developed countries that fluoridate their water and those that do not. The decline in tooth decay the US has experienced over the last 60 years, which is often attributed to fluoridated water, has likewise occurred in all developed countries (most of which do not fluoridate their water)…

10. Disadvantaged Communities are the Most Disadvantaged by Fluoride

Fluoride toxicity is exacerbated by conditions that occur much more frequently in low-income areas. This includes:
•Nutrient deficiencies
•Infant formula consumption
•Kidney disease


-City Water

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

“..Uploaded on Feb 28, 2011

The Fluoride Deception is the latest mini documentary from Mike Adams, executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center. Through the use of animation and motion graphics, it exposes the truth about where fluoride really comes from: The toxic byproducts of the phosphate mining industry.

Full transcript available at:…

Produced by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center –

VERY Basic Understanding of Water Fluoridation Treatment Process
“..Published on Mar 5, 2013

Our water is ‘fluoridated’ with a product called Hydrofluosilicic Acid which is a chemical compound toxic waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries.
The actual product is made up of 75-80% Water, 20-25% Hydrofluosilicic Acid, 19% Fluoride.

Hydrofluosilicic Acid contains Radioactive materials or Radionuclides such as: Uranium and Radium. While uranium and radium found in fluorosilicic acids are known carcinogens, two decay rate products of uranium are even more dangerous and carcinogenic: Radon-222 and Polonium-210 (Polonium-210 can be carcinogenic to people if exposed to more than 6.8 trillionths of a gram)

It also includes Hazardous Air Pollutants such as hydrogen fluoride; and hazardous metals such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, manganese, mercury, and nickel. Human exposure to these constituents in these emissions may be associated with adverse carcinogenic, respiratory, nervous system, dermal, developmental, and/or reproductive health effects.

Besides being used to ‘Fluoridate’ water supplies, this product is used in the tanning of animal hides and skins, in ceramics and glass etching, in technical paints, in oil-well acidizing, in the manufacture of hydrogen fluoride, for the sterilization of equipment (like brewing and bottling establishments and for copper and brass vehicles), and in electroplating. It is also employed as an impregnating ingredient to preserve wood and harden masonry and for the removal of mold as well as rust and stain in textiles.

HFA is a moderately strong acid that can corrode glass and stoneware. Like its salt, its degree of hydrolysis is essentially 100% in drinking water, and when reacted with steam or water or when heated to decomposition or highly acidified, toxic and corrosive fumes of fluorides (e.g., hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride) are released. It also reacts with metals, producing hydrogen gas.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services — National Toxicology Program’s Literature of Fluorosilicic Acid: (…)
The manufacture of phosphate fertilizer releases not only fluorides as a toxic pollutant, but also radionuclides. Radium wastes come from the filtration systems. Uranium and its decay-rate products are found in the phosphate rock and fertilizer as well as the byproduct – fluorosilicic acid. During the wet-process procedure, both radium and uranium are captured in the scrubbers and therefore are in the fluorosilicic acid.
And then, during the acidulation process, radon gas can be released and carried into the fluorosilicic acid, while polonium can be captured and then combine with fluoride.

The HHS – National Toxicology Program Literature also states:
The main routes of entry of fluorosilicic acid are inhalation and eye & skin contact.

DISCLAIMER: This video was made for demonstration purposes only – Ingredients are not actual & Proportions are not exact.

-Drinking Water

Most Bottled Water is FILLED With Fluoride, Here’s a Complete List of Brands to Avoid David Vanallen | January 11, 2017 |


HITLER & FLUORIDE added High Dose to Water at Concentration Camps Keep People LIKE WALKING DEAD

“Uploaded on Oct 26, 2009

see Pictures in book “FLUORIDE THE DEVILS POISON”, HITLER had TONS at each CAMP, High Dose in Water Keep People like WALKING DEAD they did not try to ESCAPE, HIGER the Dose of FLUORIDE different effects on BRAIN, Soldiers get High Dose Called SoftPeter, General Patton Refused to give it to His Soldiers, People React Different to DRUGS, CHEMICALS, make sure You watch all the FILMS at, New World Order (NWO) plan started 1526 Crypto jews now called Zionist started and still Control JESUITS, see Jesuit Infiltration, see Operation paper Clip” 1945 started adding Fluoride to water, 1954 Krecheive we will take America without fireing a Shot, Stole American Money system see film FIAT EMPIRE” use digitized Hypnotic TV releases Endorfins, and Media make You beleive what they wont you to beleive, Watch the whole film at, If you watch it close you can PAUSE and read Secret Documents that have been DE Classified, they knew about the harm adding Fluoride to water would cause, at the Same time Dr. Hodge was telling people it was safe to drink Fluoride He was Participating in the Manhattan Project, they also used the MASTER of DECEPTION Edward Bernays to sell this LIE to the American people, Bernays was used to Help over throw a Guteamelain Leader an put in a TYRANT that MURDERED over 100,000 Innocent Men Women and Children, Drinking the DRUG, CHEMICAL, and POISON Fluoride = main ingredient in NERVE GAS BOMBS, Rat POISON, INSECT KILLER, is doing more damage to the Human Body and Brain than everything else in America combined, its outlawed by all the Countries that are a Member of the European Union, Take Magnesium befoe each meal, Purify the water you drink and cook with, You need to spend 5 or 6 Quality Hours with your Whole Family read the SCIENTIFIC STUDIES, watch the 20 little Films at and FluorideAction, this is MASS MIND control it evolved from “code name ArtiChoke” Sold by Edward Bernays, and the People behind it are World BANKERS and CORPORATIONS see Fiat Empire

What are your thoughts? Any other sources that might support one side of this “debating” issue?

Good News Chemistry


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