Health & Fitness: How to get more “energy” for the Elderly?

Feeling Tired? 3 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy
‘..An easy explanation for the loss of energy would be to blame your age for this fatigue. While it is true that we won’t have the same energy as when we were 21, it is usually much more than this. It can be related to your diet, to your activity levels and of course, to your mood. If you want to have more energy, check out these three tips:..”

Feeling Tired? 13 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy Levels Aging, Healthy Living | August 18, 2016 | Like | 1 Comment |
“..For most seniors, hitting the age of 65 doesn’t mean slowing down. As we age, though, it’s common for our energy levels to dip and many seniors find that, despite wanting to get out and enjoy their golden years, they simply don’t have the energy they once did. This can be a frustrating and discouraging experience.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a permanent one.

With a few simple tricks, seniors can boost their energy levels and jump back into life once more. Read on…”


17 Min Chair Exercises for Seniors & Beginners – HASfit Senior …
Video for elderly people with lots of energy tips stories



*see Health: Nutrition-Foods to Know About

Macro Nutrients

Macronutrients | Learn About Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats
“..One population that needs special attention is the elderly. Though the RDA for older adults remains the same as for younger adults, some research suggests their needs may be 1.2 grams/kg body weight in order to prevent the common muscle loss and osteoporosis that come along with aging.[9] Though this doesn’t require the elderly to eat large servings of food, they frequently have poor appetites and dental problems that make chewing difficult. Helping them meet their nutritional needs may take a little creativity and perseverance…”

How to Boost Energy Naturally – The 5 Best Natural Energy Boosting Foods


5 Ways to Motivate and Encourage Seniors
Setting goals can be beneficial for many older adults.

Posted Mar 15, 2015

People Who Have Energy!

People who have lived to 100 share their longevity secrets
By Lindsey Murray, Updated 10:01 PM ET, Tue September 1, 2015
“..Science says that your diet, how much you exercise and your genes all play a role in determining how long you’ll live. Those who have lived to blow out 100 candles, however, say they’ve used other strategies for achieving their old age. Here, longevity tips from 11 centenarians around the world — some legit, some hilarious and some downright bizarre. ..

Weaver also credited her lack of chronic health problems to not drinking or smoking and getting plenty of sleep. …

Instead she spent her life getting plenty of exercise, surrounding herself with nice people, and working hard starting at age 13. …

he stayed in tip-top shape with a lifetime of healthy eating and abstinence from alcohol. His diet included chicken and fish, and he spent his younger years swimming and participating in gymnastics….

73-Year-Old on the CrossFit Games Open: “I’m Doing It This Year!”
“Nancy Hoshaw survived a heart attack at 48 and breast cancer at 60. At 73, she’s entering the CrossFit Games Open, which kicked off Feb. 25. While some compete to be named Fittest on Earth, Hoshaw is competing with time and age—and she’s winning. After seeing decrepit women on a trip to Israel, Hoshaw decided a slow slide into a retirement home wasn’t for her. “My goal is to stay healthy and independent. I cherish my independence,” she says. Her coach at CrossFit Bay Area in Webster, Texas, is two-time CrossFit Games athlete Jordan Cook. Cook describes CrossFit as a lifestyle, noting how the community keeps people active and energized while they preserve and improve function. “The whole point of … functional fitness is not just to get better at fitness but to help us in our everyday life,” Cook explains. While Hoshaw was dead set against doing the Open last year, she’s all in for 2016. When Cook shared an Instagram video of Hoshaw preparing for the five-week competition about a month ago, she inspired people around the world and found more motivation herself. “I feel like I can encourage other people, but at the same time I’m encouraged myself,” she says. “It’s amazing the doors that you can open if you just … give it a try.” Video by Elliot and Lindsay Schrock. The CrossFit Journal — (”

World’s fittest 96-year-old, Charles Eugster, shares diet and exercise tips Apr. 22, 2016 at 3:37 PM Scott Stump TODAY
‘….”Retirement is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself,” Eugster told TODAY from his home in Zurich, Switzerland. …

“We must do everything in our power to see that older people are healthy and productive because if we don’t do that we are facing enormous problems between pension liabilities and our health costs,” he said. “We should have retraining facilities for older people. You are throwing away the skills and expertise of people at 65, and that is absolutely ridiculous…

…Eugster also stresses that you’re never too old to get in shape. He didn’t start doing any serious weight training until he was 87, and he didn’t start running until he turned 95. ..

He began working out three days a week in a gym with a former Mr. Universe to put on muscle and also lost 24 pounds before he turned 88. Eugster is currently working with a trainer to get his “beach body” ready for summer despite a hamstring pull at a race on April 13. …”

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Fitness: “Energy” Tips for Aging-Seniors-Elderly-“Older” Age Adults

After 50, All Roads Lead to Fitness
Want energy, good looks and a youthful attitude? Get fit!
by Barbara Hannah Grufferman, July 22, 2013|
Here’s how I turned things around

First, I made myself a priority. Many may be depending on you, but you have to be in good mental and physical health to be of service to any of them.

I started down my path to fitness by going for slow runs with walk breaks, and I learned how to do push-ups and other strengthening exercises to prevent bone density loss and, therefore, osteoporosis. (Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.)


Top Tips On Senior Fitness

“Published on Dec 30, 2014

A “must see” for those who to know about senior fitness and how to use it to take their fitness regime to a new level.
See more at …”

Senior Fitness Expert Offers Tips on Successful Aging

“Published on Mar 19, 2013

Jana Headrick, wellness director for Tulsa, Oklahoma, retirement community Inverness Village, talks about setting meaningful resolutions for successful aging.”


15 Min Senior Workout – HASfit Exercise for Elderly – Seniors Exercises for Elderly – Seniors

“Published on Oct 7, 2013

Unlock rewards and help keep HASfit free by donating now –

Coach Kozak’s 15 minute senior workout is great for senior strength and will get your heart rate up at the same time. The total body exercise for elderly doesn’t require any equipment, but you may choose to use some light weights or a couple water bottles. Senior exercises for elderly are low impact and safe on the joints. Visit for the seniors workouts instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. for the best free workout and senior aerobic exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym. ..”

Fitness Tips for the Elderly – YouTube

“Published on Jun 16, 2015

Fitness Tips for the Elderly. Part of the series: LS – Kung Fu & Better Living. As we grow older, an active lifestyle is essential to staying healthier longer. Get fitness tips for the elderly with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip. Read more:…”


Exercises for Women Over 60 : General Fitness Tips

=>Walk in the Park

Know of any other exercises or fitness tips?

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How to “naturally boost” your energy?

We all get tired at some point during the day, right? Well, I do, which I admit mostly because of the lack of sleep due to my “crazy” work schedule (overnight pt job). What about you? Insomnia or some medical reasons? Your a parent and the kids keep you up in the middle of the night? Or you just like to stay up late “playing” on the computer or watching some movie/tv. show? There are many various factors that cause “us busy body people” in our “busy world” to lack energy, so what do you do to “boost” your energy level? Is it healthy?

The #1 “booster” I think of is a “caffeine” high (e.g. coffee, energy drinks, etc..), which I personally don’t think is the “best” way. What is the “best” way? Well, I’ll be sharing some of my personal tips and some “experts” out there that I’ve found and will keep finding (adding below) …


What causes fatigue? 251 possible conditions
“…There are many potential causes of fatigue, which can be divided into three general categories—lifestyle factors, medical issues, and mental health issues….
CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Written by Christine DiMaria | Published on July 18, 2012
“…The cause of CFS is unknown. Researchers speculate that viruses, hypotension, immune impairment, and hormonal problems could all be contributing factors. ..
Lack of Energy


HealthGrades Editorial Staff
“…Lack of energy can be a normal response to inadequate sleep, overexertion, overworking, stress, lack of exercise, or boredom. When part of a normal response, lack of energy often resolves with rest, adequate sleep, stress management, and good nutrition. Persistent lack of energy that does not resolve with self-care may be due to a variety of diseases, disorders or conditions….
Most Common Cause of Fatigue that is Missed or Misdiagnosed by Doctors
September 05, 2009
“…Your adrenal glands are each no bigger than a walnut and weigh less than a grape, yet are responsible for one of the most important functions in your body: managing stress…It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the United States.[2]…”


7 Caffeine-Free Ways To Boost Your Energy
Coffee isn’t the only solution when you’re losing steam
Laura Tedesco November 7, 2013
“…That said, scrapping your daily Starbucks isn’t necessary—the antioxidants in java are good for you—but you shouldn’t rely on a 7-cup habit to carry you through the day, either. That’s just putting a bandage on your exhaustion. Instead, beat fatigue for real with these out-of-the-box energy boosters….

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Consider breakfast prime time for packing them in. In the study, people felt that front-loading their whole grains—say, by eating whole-grain cereal and a slice of toast with breakfast (while still including protein, of course)—made it easier to meet their quota…

Sal: I “try” to have my whole grains (e.g. cereal, peanut butter & jelly or egg sandwhich, granola bar, etc..) every morning to “break-fast” for the day. I know many of you like to sleep longer and just get up & go. If you don’t have time to “make” breakfast, I suggest buying those 6-pack breakfast bars in the grocery store as a “back-up” for mornings when you somehow don’t have time to “make” a “sit-down” breakfast meal.

“…There’s a reason darkness and bedtime go hand-in-hand: Bright light awakens your brain…”

Learn something new.
5 / 8
It’s 3 pm on a workday. How do you beat the slump? According to a recent University of Michigan study, the most common strategies are checking email, switching tasks, or making a to-do list. ….

Sal: I usually like to check my email after work and then workout, so I won’t spend too much time on the computer-might get lazy! I love to “learn” as a part-time teacher at the weekly community ed classes I teach (started as a volunteer back in 2004), which the different students that come up with “new” questions just motivates and inspires me to re”search” new “material”. This energizes me. I have a “nightly” routine to make a “to do” list before I go to bed (e.g. reflecting on what I did during the day to help remember what I’ve forgotten on some tasks I need to fulfill) , which motivates me to “wake-up” right away after my alarm goes on instead of laying there and put on the “snooze” button! Having a goal for the next day gets you motivated and “energize” to get up on-time to meet your goals.

Belt out your favorite song.
7 / 8

Ever noticed how cranking up the radio makes you drive faster? That’s because music is energizing—especially if you sing along….”

Sal: I love to sing!

Six steps to beating chronic fatigue with natural remedies
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
“..there are a number of holistic remedies that have helped many people with the condition regain healthy energy levels without the use of harsh stimulants. Here are six of the most powerful options for beating chronic fatigue:

1) Vitamin B12 and B complex vitamins. B vitamins play a critical role in beating chronic fatigue because the body uses them to metabolize energy.

8 Natural Ways to Feel More Energized

For when you’d rather not reach for a cup of coffee
Published: October 28, 2013 | BY Kenny Thapoung

“..Eat Something with Coconut Oil

The triglycerides in coconut oil are a fast-acting energy source that your body can use more quickly than coffee, says Kingsley. Don’t have coconut oil you can use at home? Nosh on one of these coconut-flavored snacks.

8 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Energy-
Tired? Here’s how to transform your body into a fatigue-fighting machine.
“..8 of 10next

Fifty-eight percent of women feel most energized after they’ve had a workout, according to a poll. …

Sal: I like to ride my bike as much as possible to work, doing errands, or just exercise and enjoying the outdoors. I “try” to workout 3-5 days a week in various other ways too.

Top 10 Energy-Boosting Foods and Drinks
by Bari Lieberman

It’s not easy getting eight hours of sleep per night. For those of us who are overstressed and sleep-deprived, there’s a healthy way—10 actually—to boosts energy and fuels workouts without the pending sugar crash that comes along with energy drinks. Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of The NY Nutrition Group, shares 10 top energy-boosting foods that are probably already in your kitchen.

“Egg yolks are naturally rich in B-vitamins, which are responsible for converting food into energy and they also have Vitamin D to maintain strong bones. Plus, they’re one of the best sources of protein, which is essential particularly after an intense training session when muscle breakdown occurs the most,” Moskovitz says. …

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment That Is Natural and Healthy
“..Published on Feb 24, 2014

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment all comes back to the simplicity of eating fruits and vegetables. Causes of chronic fatigue can be attributable to issues with digestion, blood pressure and various infections.

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Sal: I “try” to do various forms of detoxification throughout the week to “cleanse” myself of “chemicals” that wares me down.


Top Ten Foods All Natural Energy Boost
“Published on Sep 12, 2014


4) Fuels 1 Fuels for Exercise


My Mom’s Story – Healed of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!
“…I asked the Lord for help, and He delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4..
…I was once a woman full of fear, so heavily weighed down by fears that I was near death. But the Lord Jesus looked at me, called me “Daughter,” and set me free–and continues to set me free. I want to give God all the glory for His amazing work in my life, and share my story in the hope that it will encourage you and let you know there is always hope in Jesus.

At the age of eleven I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, but I did not know the power of His life and His words. I grew up longing to know that I was loved, but I did not know that that was what lay buried under my drive to perform in order to receive the attention that would assure me of being accepted. I did Christian things, very sincerely, but the foundation of my life was weak; it was built mainly on what I could do for God (or so I thought) using my own human strength…

Sal: There are times (e.g. doing house projects, working out in the weight room, etc..) that I’m just so tired, so I “call upon the Lord” for strength

Other Tips

Severe chronic fatigue miracle healing – John Mellor Australian Healing Ministry
“Published on May 5, 2014

Severe chronic fatigue miracle healing – John Mellor Australian Healing Ministry. These miracles & healings happen because of the reality of Jesus Christ. …”

Would love to hear “other” suggestions, stories, tips, comments, feedback, etc… to help one another out in this “daily” life challenge to “boost” our energy levels…

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