Fitness: Various Resistance Training Exercises

Physically Challenged

Resistance Training for Persons with Physical Disabilities
“..6. Certain individuals with cerebral palsy have a condition known as athetosis. This condition results in involuntary movements that occur in one or more of the person’s limbs. The movements are uncontrollable and are often referred to as slow and ‘writhing.’ Facial muscles are also involved, which make the person appear to be laughing or crying. Since the movement of muscle groups is involuntary, use of free weights may not be possible because the hand may open reflexively during the weight routine. Elastic bands may also be a problem since the resistance may be difficult to control and may result in the band snapping back too quickly. Cuff weights and machines are the most appropriate modalities. Active-assistive exercise may be needed to perform the motion smoothly…”

Resistance Bands


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TOP 5 Resistance Band Stretches for Flexibility – YouTube
Video for samples of stretching with bands resistance stretches
▶ 8:48

Stretching With Resistance Bands-Aguirre Fitness


33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere
“..The most common types of bands include tube bands with handles, loop bands (aka giant rubber bands), and therapy bands. (When in doubt, a fitness professional can help determine which band is right for you, depending on your fitness level and specific workout plan). For most exercises, try aiming for 8 to 25 reps for 2 to 3 sets per exercise. And don’t miss our sample workout suggested at the very end. Ready, set, streeetch!..”

Muscle Building

10 Forms of Resistance Training That Strengthen Your Muscles April 10, 2009, at 2:00 p.m.
Strength training: Carry a load to build up your arms, legs, core, and more.

Special Focus and Challenges

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Resistance Band Exercises for Seniors Part 1 – YouTube

Exercise Tips for Seniors : Resistance Band Workout for … – YouTube

Elastic Band Arm Exercises for Seniors – YouTube

Exercise Bands & Tubes for Strength, Rehabilitation and Arthritis-Friendly Workouts
“..For beginners, perform 2 sets of 8 for each exercise using the lightest resistance band. If you need more resistance because you find it to be too easy, either shorten the distance where you are holding or standing on the band, or choose the next resistance band level up for the added challenge. ..”

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