Welcome to my “health” and “fitness” page. My name is Sal from Morris, Minnesota. I rarely call in sick (never got a flu shot and haven’t had a serious flu since I was a kid due to a stringent healthy lifestyle) as I keep myself pretty healthy and fit. I started this blog sometime in 2015 after repeatedly sharing my health stories. I wanted to create a format, so I can just share my stories and tips on how I’ve overcame some “health/medical” challenges so far in my life. I was diagnosed “border-line” diabetic at a very too early age (early 30’s), which was an “eye-opener” for me to really start changing my diet and lifestyle. I already started to cut down on pop/soda after leaving my local dentist and saw this chart of the “worst” drinks to drink (e.g. fruity drinks). I’ve pretty much eliminated this out of my diet now. Health has become a frequent topic in my conversations and I usually like to re”search” online as different health-medical issues pop-up through daily conversation, social media (e.g. facebook posts), etc… Thus, I created various groups to build on stories and resources with friends on various health related topics that anyone that comes here are welcome to join: health, food, medical, etc.. are just some examples.

Some might have had a similar story like mine here of a medical visit. I didn’t have health insurance at time the time and really couldn’t afford paying the expensive prescription medications the doctors prescribed to me after a visit. I had some serious allergies (seasonal) and my doctor recommended me some “popular” name brand allergy meds. Instead of buying them, I went home and researched “other alternatives”. I’ve learned over the years to go to the “source” instead of trying to “treat” the problem. After doing some re”search”, I found some natural healthy remedies to deal with my allergies. Ever since, I’ve never had to take any $ out of my pocket for any allergy medication as I’ve learned to deal with the “source” of my allergies. It’s just like dealing with an infestation of ants in your kitchen. Instead of buying these chemical sprays to “kill” ants, one needs to deal with the source (e.g. food source that attracts ants in the first place).  That is the same with any sickness, diseases, or any illness.

Most of my health-medical blogs are categorized in order of: causes, prevention, and treatment-healing tips. At the end, I welcome any feedback or suggestions as I’m NO health professional or expert. I just want to share what I’ve found (I try to find at least “3 credible sources” to back up theme of information I share) and I’m open to hear more other sources out there to help others that my find my blog that has similar experiences or challenges.

I’ve also added a fitness section, which I try to share my variety fitness tips too. I believe exercising or just keeping physically active is part of keeping a “balanced” healthy lifestyle. I usually alternate a lower and upper body workout throughout the week. I try to have fun and make it social, so I recommend playing sports, join a group fitness class, or just do some alone time (e.g. meditation) that can be physical (e.g. outdoor hiking/biking).

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