Causes, Symptoms & Natural Treatment For Low Immune …,
“…The health of the immune system is greatly impacted by a person’s emotional state, level of stress, lifestyle, dietary habits and nutritional status. Nutrient deficiency is the most frequent cause of a depressed immune system. An overwhelming number of clinical and experimental studies indicate that any single nutrient deficiency can profoundly impair the immune system…”
Low immune system causes
“…I always thought that getting frequent infections is a sign of low immune system. It puzzled me for a while to find that people with “low immune system” syndrome, at least according to their blood tests, actually don’t have low immunity. It turns out that there are other reasons why people experience frequent colds…”
11 things that can weaken your immune system from
“…1. Stress

People like to ignore it but stress has a major influence on your immune system. Chronic stress — caused by stressful situations or events that last over a long period of time — raises cortisol levels of the body which decreases the production of ‘good’ prostaglandins..

Good News Stress


23 Immunity-Boosting Tips

From the latest research to time-honored remedies, here are the very best strategies for your healthiest winter ever
Susan Ince January 16, 2014

1. Meditate

2. Try probiotics

Here’s a surprise: You may spend more time each year nursing a sore throat, fever, and runny nose than you do on vacation. Add it up: Adults get about three colds a year on average, each lasting a week or two. On top of that, 5 to 20% of us will also get the flu, which can linger even longer. That’s a month—or more!

Never Get Sick Again: Boost Your Immune System (8 Step Blueprint)

Vitamin C for Colds — Does It Actually Work? Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on April 24, 2018
“..Other Nutrients and Foods That May Help

There is no cure for the common cold.

However, some foods and nutrients can help the body recover. In the past, people have used various foods to reduce their symptoms.

Few of these are scientifically proven to work, but some are backed by evidence….


The Bottom Line

Supplementing with vitamin C won’t reduce your risk of catching a cold, but it may speed up your recovery and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

While taking supplements may be necessary to reach the high vitamin C intake required to improve colds, make sure not to go overboard.

That’s because too much vitamin C has some adverse side effects.

To meet your basic nutrient requirements, whole foods are generally a better idea. Good examples of healthy foods that are high in vitamin C include oranges, kale and red bell peppers.”

*see Health: Nutrition-Micronutrients Pt. 1~Vitamins=Water Soluble

*see Health: Nutrition-Micronutrients Pt. 4~Vitamins=Trace Minerals

Other Sources:

Top 12 Foods with Probiotics By tammyv  15 days ago (Dec 29th 2015)
*just got referred by the author herself today

This year, take back that time—and your health. These tested tips for fighting colds and flu can help you stay well all winter.
at any time.
3. Eat more garlic

Pills or Paleo? Preventing and Reversing Autoimmune Disease
on January 16, 2015 by Chris Kresser
“…This fact, along with the dramatic rise in autoimmune disease over the past half century, suggests that environmental factors—rather than genetics—are to blame.

These factors include the modern, western diet, chronic stress, changes in gut microbiota, environmental toxins, sleep deprivation, vitamin D deficiency, reduced sun exposure, and perhaps several other currently unidentified aspects of the modern lifestyle. ..

With this in mind, let’s compare conventional treatment with a Paleo diet and lifestyle for the prevention and treatment of autoimmune disease. …

The Paleo Cure—just published in paperback.) This includes:

Removing foods that may trigger or exacerbate an immune response. The best starting place for most patients is an autoimmune version of the Paleo diet, which follows the typical Paleo guidelines but also removes eggs and nightshade plants.
Increasing intake of nutrients that promote optimal immune function. These include glutathione, selenium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, and EPA and DHA, which are all well-represented in a Paleo-type diet.
Increasing intake of foods that support a healthy gut microbiota. These include fermentable fibers that feed the beneficial bacteria, and fermented foods that contain the beneficial bacteria themselves. (For more on the connection between the gut microbiota and autoimmune disease, see this article.)”

Natural Ways To Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune Illness
14 August, 2012
To best support recovery from autoimmune illness over the long-term, I recommend eating no more than one three-ounce serving of animal-based protein per day, cooked using a low temperature technique, such as steaming or boiling. If possible, I even recommend staying away from all animal-based protein for a period of six months to give your digestive tract complete rest from having to digest animal protein. During such a time, it is best to avoid eating large amounts of protein-dense plant foods as well, such as nuts, seeds, and legumes. So long as you eat plenty of vegetables, especially green ones like broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage, you will get plenty of protein for your daily needs.

After six months of avoiding animal protein and going light on protein-dense plant foods, you can gradually increase your protein intake until you are eating approximately one gram of protein per day for every two pounds of your body weight, with no more than one major serving of animal-based protein. Now that we have emphasized how important it is to avoid over-consumption of protein, let’s take a close look at how you can choose to……”


How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease
by Mark Hyman, MD Last Updated May 17, 2013
“..If you have an autoimmune disease, here is what you need to think about and do.

Nine Steps to Treating Autoimmune Disease

Check for hidden infections — yeast, viruses, bacteria, Lyme, etc. — with the help of a doctor, and treat them.
Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing or just try The UltraSimple Diet, which is designed to eliminate most food allergens.
Get tested for celiac disease, which is a blood test that any doctor can do.
Get checked for heavy metal toxicity. Mercury and other metals can cause autoimmunity.
Fix your gut. For details, see my blog on irritable bowel syndrome.
Use nutrients such as fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, and probiotics to help calm your immune response naturally.
Exercise regularly — it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.
Practice deep relaxation like yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback, or massage, because stress worsens the immune response.
Tell your doctor about Functional Medicine and encourage him or her to get trained — go to for more information and to get a copy of the Textbook for Functional Medicine.

Give these steps a try — and see if you don’t start feeling less inflamed. ..”

Natural Treatments for Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Eric Udell

“Published on Mar 26, 2013

Dr. Eric Udell discusses natural treatments for autoimmune disease, including homeopathy.”

Home Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases
Home Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases

Some of the common home remedies which may prove useful in treating multiple autoimmune diseases have been discussed as under:

Dietary changes:

Relax your digestive system: Making certain dietary changes and adopting healthy eating practices may assist in preventing and treating autoimmune diseases to a great extent. Going back to basics like chewing food until it is almost liquid, avoiding high-fat and junk items, eating fresh seasonal food such as fruits, leafy greens and may be organic meat really does the groundwork which may avert the occurrence of autoimmune diseases. Apart from this, eating smaller meals…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Gluten-free diet: Gluten, a protein normally found in wheat is found to be a major contributor in allergic reactions and a trigger in autoimmune diseases. …

Food allergens: Furthermore, individual should look out for diet triggers and allergens which might create an allergic reactions and tax your immune system and finally make way for the occurrence of autoimmune diseases….

Eliminate toxins: Accumulated toxins in the various organs of our body such as liver, kidney and central nervous system contribute to the worsening of autoimmune indications….

Relax your mind: Incorporating relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga begins with internal healing of the body. …

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which targets specific healing points using therapeutic needles….

Enough physical rest: Proper rest helps the body in many different ways than we actually comprehend. …

Soak up the sun: Getting enough sunlight ensures regular supply of natural vitamin D in the body and may prove valuable in preventing and treating autoimmune disorders. ..

Maca: Herbs such as maca, a South American medicinal root is useful in treating autoimmune diseases. …

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy therapy or water treatment has often been proven effective in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases involving inflammation in joints and muscles such as fibromyalgia, arthritis. Warm water treatment helps relieve the stiffness and soothes the pain in joints. “

Benefits of Shilajit
” is a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants.

Shilajit is commonly used in ayurvedic medicine. It’s an effective and safe supplement that can have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being.

Here’s a look at eight ways to use shilajit….”

Shilajit Properties & Benefits | Uses & Advantages of Shilajit (2019)
“..Shilajit Properties and Benefits (1)
Selenium and Minerals

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (2)

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (3)

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (4)
Memory Enhancer

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (5)
An Anti-Aging Agent
Since, Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid, a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also protects against free radicals and cellular damage.

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (6)
Helps with Anaemia
Shilajit is very helpful in fighting against symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia such as, irregular heartbeat, headache, cold hands and feet, weakness and fatigue.shilajit properties and benefits

Shilajit Properties and Benefits (7)
Improves Heart Health

Foods Rich in Fulvic Acid – Benefits & Uses by Laura Bracket | Jan 30, 2018

Fulvic acid is also found in shilajit, a natural substance obtained from cracks in the steepest Himalayan Mountain ranges. Shilajit, also known as known as “destroyer of weakness” and “rock sweat”, has been a part of the traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries. It has been found that shilajit contains more than 80 minerals in ionic form, as well as humic acid and fulvic acid. You can find this bitter-y powder in many health stores…”

Dr. Bruce talks about the benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit Resin: The Best Way To Take It
“.. Many people report greater energy by dissolving Authentic Shilajit™ directly under the tongue. This is a perfectly fine method to eat Shilajit in its raw form as the resin is highly soluble and absorbable just by itself. To super charge assimilation, Ayurveda recommends taking shilajit resin with hot milk (we recommend organic goats milk), honey, ghee (clarified butter), or sesame oil. If you take your resin straight, try it with a teaspoon of honey, ghee or have a cup of hot water afterwards to warm up the digestion. Our favorite way to eat shilajit is by mixing it with a tablespoon of Authentic Chyawanprash (which contains honey, ghee, black sesame oil and warming spices) in a cup of hot milk or hot water first thing in the morning for immediate nourishment. So go ahead and mix your natural shilajit resin into your favorite hot drink. It dissolves in a warm liquid within a couple of minutes by flattening the portion with the back of a spoon and stirring. Experiment with various solutions to discover how to best take Shilajit resin. Let us know your favorite way to take Shilajit on our Facebook page. ..”

SunFood Raw Shilajit Powder — 3.5 oz
Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Fresh & Liquid Extract, Small, 50 Servings, Natural Source of Fulvic Acid & Trace Minerals…
Pure Shilajit Resin from Altai Mountains, Authentic Siberian …

Shilajit Benefits

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